31 May 2009

our master: plain jane

Currently Dan and I have a rather plain black metal bed frame. We bought it a few years ago from IKEA and it has served us well. Last week we bought new bedding. We have been looking for over a year now for a plain white down alternative comforter. It had to meet some very specific criteria. Miracle of miracles Target had exactly what Dan and I wanted in their clearance isle, so I snatched it right up.

I had some extra red toile fabric so I whipped up a couple of small pillows for a little bit of color. Mostly though the room is just white and black. VERY PLAIN.

We have known for awhile that we wanted the master bedroom painted, the problem has always been trying to pick out a color. Finally while sitting on my bed it hit me, why not make three of the walls a very neutral tan/linen like color and then paint a very bold color on the fourth wall; the wall that the head of the bed is on. As of right now I am leaning towards either a deep barn red, turquoise, or burnt orange for the bold color.

I have also decided that I would like to change our bed. I am leaning towards putting up an old wooden door on the wall as a headboard ala The Nester:
And this DIY inspiration:

The other option I have thought about doing is taking the bed frame that we have and painting it. Maybe if I do the wall a red, I would paint the frame a turquoise for an added pop. Then possibly distress the bed a little bit.

I have never spray painted metal before. So I would have to do some research and get some advice.

What would you do? Paint the bed? Find a door? What color would you paint the wall? Would you also paint the door if I went that route or just stain it? What color would you paint the bed if you think that route is better??

high alert

After I put Mabry to bed I thought I would just take a little time to sew.  The plan was to just start on a handbag and then once I got the "bones" done I would go back downstairs and clean the kitchen.

The problem is while I was upstairs sewing my TV took on a life of its own.  It started changing channels and searching for programs.  I tried to get it to stop, but it turned into a huge power struggle of me flipping to one channel and then the TV flipping to another.  A few minutes went by before my frustration turned to an apprehensive and uncertain feeling.  You know that feeling when all your hairs stand up on your neck?  Yeah, that was what happened to me.  

Why was the TV being so crazy?

Was there someone in the house?  We only have one cable box in the house down in the living room.  It is able to work both TVs separately.  So it was possible if someone was down there I wouldn't know.  Theoretically speaking.  Surely I would have heard the door open or a window break.  Not to mention who would break into someones house just to mess with the TV?  

As I was double checking that all of the doors were in fact locked and dead bolted and the security system was on and Mabry was ok it dawned on me that the new neighbors had their TV installed today.  They use the same company we do.  So I called tech support to find out if that could be the problem.  

Turns out we had the exact same remote address.  Which meant that my channel changing power struggle was actually with my neighbor.  The one who moved in yesterday.  The one I have never met.  At least now when we do meet I can shake their hand and look them in the eye and say, "Hi I am Jessica.  I was the one trying to watch Nature's Most Amazing Events on Discovery while you were trying to watch MTV2 the other day."  I'm sure we will have loads in common.

Glad to have the TV all sorted out I now find my senses on high alert.  I can't seem to shake the weirded out feeling.  Every little noise has me on the edge.  Which means I can't sleep.  Which is good news for my new shop.  You see in the last four and a half hours I have managed to crank out two purses.  Now if only I could get some sleep.  

Why was I excited about Dan going to Virginia?

I have a feeling this is going to be a long week...

30 May 2009

up, up and away

I was thinking that maybe this weekend I would try and take Mabry to see a movie.  Pixar's Up looks so cute and funny.  

Has anyone ever taken an almost-but-not-quite-two-year-old to the movies before?  Mabry does well sitting through Sesame Street on mornings when I turn on the TV.  She also does really well watching Horton Hears a Who.  We have tried other movies like Bambi, Alice in Wonderland, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles and those have all been sort of hits or misses as far as keeping her attention.  

29 May 2009

leaving on a school bus

Right now Dan is packing for his week long trip to Virgina.  I think he is a mixture of excited to be doing something different than the daily grind (plus he actually gets to have a little feel for what Civil Affairs is going to be like) and nervous to be leaving Mabry and I for the first time since we moved.

Mabry, of course, is completely oblivious to the fact that her beloved Dada won't be around for a week.

I have to admit, I am a little excited.  Dan was on leave for almost three months starting all the way back in December.  Then when we moved into the house we found out that his school had been pushed back several months.  So for the most part his daily work schedule has consisted of driving into work for PT in the morning, staying around for a 9AM formation and then coming home no later than 11AM.  This has been the most time we have spent together consecutively in our marriage.  

I want the break.  I want to clean my house and know that aside from the little cyclone toddler that I live with it is going to stay clean.  I want to watch a soap opera in the afternoon.  I want to be able to spend an evening sewing once Mabry is in bed and watch girlie movies on TV.  That last point is really important because I am trying to get up an inventory for my new etsy shop, which means lots of sewing.

Yes, Dan is going to be missed very much.  Mabry and I will be counting down the days until we get to see him again.  We will be very sad to see him board an Army school bus headed for Virginia in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow.  But we are also going to have a fun girls' week.

28 May 2009

taking chance

Last night Dan and I watched a movie that he has been wanting to see for awhile now.  What an appropriate movie to watch so near to Memorial Day.  This really gives you a good look at how our fallen soldiers come home.  

It should also make us all proud of just how much Americans do right and the fact that they haven't forgotten about us military folk, like it sometimes can feel.

Highly recommend this movie.  

Now if you excuse me I am off to give my Hubs and extra big hug!

27 May 2009

wedded bliss

Sometimes I really wish that Dan and I would have had a real wedding. With a big pretty white dress, flowers everywhere and all of those little thoughtful touches that every bride-to-be dreams of.

Looking around the Internet I have found some of the greatest ideas. Some were just so pretty and great I couldn't help but share.

The sweetest guest book I have ever seen by Molly and Marshall:

How great are these place cards from Little Black Book Blog:
I also liked how at this wedding guests sat down and found a chocolate covered strawberry on the plate with a note reading, "Life is unpredictable. Eat dessert first."

Cute little touches like this one from ritzy bee blog:

Or this fantastic idea for an after the ceremony photo from Eat, Drink, Marry: (if you go to the site you can actually see some photo inspiration)

I wonder if I could talk the Hubs into a vow renewal. Maybe something with a Seven Year Itch type theme. Hmmmm.....

26 May 2009

beautiful charlotte

A few weeks back a project done by Artsy Crafty Babe (is it just me or am I linking to her a lot this week??) was brought to my attention.

For those of you who don't know me, hi my name is Jessica and I am a total purse addict.

When I saw how AC Babe had turned two tea towels from the Orla Kiely line at Target into what could possibly be the cutest purse on the planet, I just had to try it myself. Especially when you consider buying an actual Orla Kiely purse can run you over $400.

Unfortunately for me there wasn't an Orla Kiely tea towel to be found anywhere in North Carolina. That is unless I was willing to pay WAY above sticker price for a set on eBay. Thankfully my sister, Betsy, came through for me when she found some towels in Pennsylvania and mailed them down to me.

For days I worried about how to make these:

Into something that resembled this:

AC Babe had only provided the inspiration. No pattern. So I set out to find the perfect pattern. I needed something I could easily follow and hopefully manipulate to get the result that I was looking for. In the end I combined this tutorial and this tutorial along with my inspiration to achieve this:

Isn't she pretty? I'm thinking of calling her Charlotte. I think she just looks like a Charlotte, don't you?

I was so excited to finally know how to attach a magnetic closure to a purse. Turns out it is really simple and I was just over thinking the whole thing. Big surprise there. I also added a pocket that is the perfect size for my new cellphone (a Mama's Day gift from Hubs and Mabry) and another spot just right for a lip smoothie. As an after thought once the purse was fully assembled I added a ribbon to clip my keys to. I always seem to lose them at the bottom of purses so I hoped this would help.

I even took it a step further and followed this simple tutorial to create a little flower to embellish the purse.

I had lots of fun making this purse. I am thinking about making some more to put in my currently empty etsy shop. What do you think?

For now I think I am going to alter the design of the purse a little and see what I can come up with using this great tea towel I received all the way from South Africa from dizzydezigns over the weekend.

25 May 2009

o baby i'm in love

While Internet surfing over the weekend I found this great post from Artsy Crafty Babe. What a great idea to put a whole bunch of letters up on a wall:

Turns out her inspiration came from here:

Seriously, is that not the most fun wall you have seen in a long time?

Which got me to thinking, surely there was a wall in my house that I could do something similar. I think that I would actually like to put my collection of O's in the master bathroom. I had re-purposed some old frames and fabric in an effort to fill up the wall, but it just isn't working for either the Hubs or myself.

Now I just need to start collecting O's in all shapes and sizes. If you happen to see any let me know. I have already found a few favorites online.

This one makes me think of an English cottage with the pretty flowers from seagullboutique.

Or I could maybe use something like these great letter photographs from scarlettbeautiful to have in a frame up on the wall. Only I would use a single photo instead of multiple. Obviously.

My Mom has made some plates similar to this and I bet if I asked really nicely she could make something along the lines of this mysweetsavannah plate for me. Hint, hint Mom. Maybe even use a fancier O stencil.

You can also bet if I ever happen to be a in a place where they have an Anthropologie I will be looking for some fun things for the wall. Like these zinc letters, or this great yellow and white O.

I am so excited for all of the possibilities!

24 May 2009

great wolf laughs

Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day weekend! We certainly are enjoying our time BBQing with friends, getting things done around the house and just being a family and taking time to remember those we have soldiered beside.

On a much lighter note, for your entertainment pleasure I thought I would share a funny link that a friend of mine emailed me the other day. After you click on this link here, scroll down and read the reviews.

23 May 2009


Did you ever have one of those morning when you wake up thinking today is going to be a great day, the sun is shining, I feel refreshed, life is good.  

Then one person says something and it just takes the wind right out of your sails?  
Yeah, today was one of those days.  

I am determined not to let it completely ruin the day.  

Which shouldn't be too hard when I have these two around.

22 May 2009

i'm just ramblin in this one

I have had this crazy never ending urge to sew something all week. Which stinks. Because I have a project all lined up, but I am waiting for the material I need to come in the mail.

Since I don't want to get too involved in another big project I thought it would be a great time to work on some little projects I had lined up for gifts I am giving people. One of my favorites so far has been this great tea towel set I made.

There was no pattern involved. Basically I just took some different fabric squares, cut them up and added a little of the gingham to the sides and edges and voila! I think that they turned out pretty good. The waffle fabric is a lot harder to feed through the machine than I had expected. It was also a little hard to get my fabric to stay put on it. I will need to keep that in mind for the future when I try my hand at this again. I'm thinking my kitchen could always use a pretty tea towel or two.

I also won a giveaway several weeks ago from Moda.Home.Mom for the things needed to make my own binding and hair clips. When the package arrived last week I kept it upstairs amongst my other crafting supplies because I was very much intimidated at the idea of covering buttons. Turns out it may in fact be the most simple thing I have ever done in my life. So I did spend one afternoon covering buttons and making binding clips trying to ease my need to craft. As soon as I come up with an excuse to go into town I plan to hit up a JoAnns for more buttons to cover. No idea what I am going to use them for, probably some hair bows for Mabry and of course some other as yet to be determined project. Anyone need any buttons?

Speaking of giveaways, I won yet another about two weeks ago. This one was a Mother's Day giveaway from goodLife {eats}. In the last week or so some of the various things that I have won have started to arrive in the mail and I wanted to mention them here because, well everything has just been fantastic.

Who wouldn't want 30 tulips from 1-800-Flowers and Spot a Mom on their dining room table? Something about fresh flowers can really brighten up a downer of a week.

The hand painted, linen napkins and coasters from natsuminishizumi are so pretty and simple, perfect for this summer.

The mini-meal planner from smbriones has been a huge help when it comes to grocery shopping. Half the time I end up with the store and either don't have or forgot my list. I keep this little guy in the glove box and just take it in the store with me. At least then I have some ideas for what we should cook and I also keep a list of the ingredients needed at the bottom of the pages. Sometimes it is just so hard to think of things. She also just came out with a new mini planner that you can use to track your meals and the nutrition. Hmmm....might have to invest in one of those!

Finally I think Dan is thrilled that part of the giveaway included a subscription to The Six O'clock Scramble. Usually we eat the same few meals week after week. Finally someone has taken all of the guess work out of it for me and not only have they given me recipes, but they even come with a grocery list for the week. If only I could remember to grab it on my way out the door! I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this site.

21 May 2009

meet a friend of mine

This is Jack.  As of 6:00 last night he became my dog.  

The problem with this is two-fold.  #1 I am a neat freak, so having a large dog in my home doesn't really work for me.  #2 We really aren't pet people.  Don't get me wrong Dan and I love animals and wouldn't ever want to see one harmed.  We just aren't the type of people who are meant to own animals.  Trust us, we've tried.  

Last night I was on the phone with my sister and in an effort to hear her better over shouts of Dan's Cash Cab playing and Mabry's endless toy throwing I went outside and began to weed the garden as I talked.  

I am nothing if not a multi-tasker.  

I had only been out there about 5 minutes when I heard the unmistakable pant of a large dog and when I turned around there was Jack, right in my face and in bad need of a tic-tac and some love.

The poor guy had no collar and a pretty icky scab on his back.  Irritated that someone would just let their pet roam I began a door knocking campaign through the neighborhood to find his owners.  

I found more than I bargained for behind door number three.

It turns out that a family at the other end of our development had originally owned Jack when they moved into their house several months ago.  Then at some point in the last two months, they either abandoned Jack or he ran away.  Unfortunately that was never determined, but what I did find out was that they no longer were interested in being his owners anymore and had made it quite clear to the neighbors I was talking to.  Which meant Jack was out on the street, having to rely on the kindness of others here and there to get by.   

This of course made my pet owner radar arrow go so far to the bad side it snapped right in half. 

I just couldn't just abandon him,  not with that sad wrinkled up face and disgusting breath.   He needed a friend.  So now Jack lives at my house.  Only temporarily I hope.  Because as willing as I am to befriend all things four-legged; I am just not willing to sign on the dotted line of ownership.

20 May 2009

the first post

You found my new blog.  Hooray!  Don't forget to follow me and update any links you have to me on your blog.  

I know it is probably annoying to have to take the time to change your link to my blog and update my address in blogs you follow.  It is just the Type-A control freak in me that needs to have the address match the name of the blog.  For the record, I appreciate you taking the time to update your stuff and to keep following me and the adventures and antics of my family!

In case you are curious, I came up with the title of the blog from the famous line in the movie Airplane.  "Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue."  Thought it was somehow appropriate for this crazy adventure I call my life.  

I have also changed a few things around.  There is a "Meet Me" button at the top where I have all kinds of fun and interesting facts about myself.  I will hopefully remember to update that once in awhile.  

I also transferred over my collection of tutorials to this new blog.  There are several new tutorials on there as well.  Check it out.  

One last thing, with all of these changes I am making I have found myself at a crossroads regarding the Daily Mabry.  Should I keep it or starting June 1st should I shut it down and just resume posting photos and videos on a regular basis here instead.  Any thoughts and opinions?  
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