31 October 2009


It took some work and lots and lots of playing around over the course of several days, but I think that I finally have the new blog header and design looking the way I want it to. Surprisingly I managed to not pull all of the hair from my head, which is a shame because bald is beautiful.
The links at the top even work. Click around and check it out. I don't actually have them as a part of the header, but shh!! I won't tell if you don't. Hoping to learn that part of HTML very soon.

It is late (or not because of the time change?) and I am exhausted from all of the Little Bo Peep madness tonight. I will be posting pictures of the girlie all dressed up in the next day or so. Keep an eye out.

30 October 2009

playing around

We have been experiencing some really nice weather the last few days. It has stayed a fairly consistent temperature and there has been no sign of rain.

Figuring we better jump on what could be our last opportunity of the year, we took Mabry to the park to play. It was also a good time for me to practice some of my photography skills that I am picking up in my class.

There is an elementary school that uses this park for recess. So while I could get Mabry to say "cheese" it was impossible to get her to look at the camera. I mean who wants to look at their Mama when there were all kinds of kids running around?

We all had a blast. I am hoping that maybe we can push our luck and get at least one more good afternoon playing on the swings and slide this weekend.

I am posting two posts today in an effort to make up for my inability to do a real post yesterday. The blog is still under construction as I desperately try to teach myself HTML. Bear with me and if you didn't stop in earlier, scroll down for the new paint reveal I posted around midnight.

(If any of you happen to know how to make the header go up that little tiny bit at the top to cover up that white line, please email me wrongweek (at) gmail (dot) com. Also, I realize that none of the links currently work on the header, I am trying to figure that out. Again if you know what I need to do for this please email me!)

29 October 2009

redo take two

The living room is no longer green and I couldn't be happier.

Don't get me wrong, I still think that green is a very universal color. Seriously, it looks good paired with just about every color out there. It just wasn't working as far as the vibe I wanted for the house. No matter what accessory or bottle of spray paint I armed myself with, I couldn't make it work.

So last week my Mom drove all the way up (see kids, a little hinting can go a long way) from Georgia to help me and my friend Amber paint. Before we did anything though I had to find the perfect paint color. This involved weeks of looking at photos online and several trips to various paint stores in the area to pick out paint chips.

In the end I had to hop on the bandwagon and go with Layla who used Sherwin William's Natural Choice in her living room as well. She said, "It has just the right amount of brown it in, to keep it warm, yet just the right amount of gray in it to keep it crisp."

I love the way it makes my furniture pop. I feel much more relaxed and at home now. I love, love, love the way it turned out.

The next two are virtually the same photo. I just felt like the first photo really showed off the lingerie chest location and the second one showed the actual wall color the best out of all of the photos.

I liked the way the Natural Choice looked against my bedroom furniture as well. So I carried it into the master bedroom painting three walls and the tray ceiling (which was NOT fun). Since I picked the Natural Choice color I let Dan have total control over picking the color for the main wall in the master bedroom.

It was nice to finally just let go of trying to make that decision. I have been worrying about that wall for months now. He ended up picking Olympic's Knights Amour. It was literally the color right above black on the paint chip. I was a little nervous and Dan I think was more than a little stunned that I was serious about letting him pick whatever he wanted.

It. Looks. AWESOME. Which has taught me a valuable lesson that I will now pass along to you, when in doubt let your color blind significant other pick the paint.

As for the lingerie chest, I knew I wanted it to be painted a bold color. I was originally leaning towards a red or an aqua. After we were done painting the rooms I pulled out a bright red pillow from the closet and set it in the corner of the couch. Standing back I just knew that red was all wrong. So then I was leaning towards picking an aqua when I was suddenly inspired to incorporate the color purple into the room.

The original plan was to really paint the chest with several coats. As I started to paint I realized I was in trouble. The paint was bubbling in some places and not going on evenly at all. So I hurried and grabbed an old rag and started to wipe it off. I was hoping to fix my mess as best I could to minimize the amount of sanding I would have to redo before trying again. As I wiped I discovered that I liked the way I could still see the wood grain and the paint almost created an antiqued purple stain effect. So I sprayed and I wiped and in the end this was my result:

Gotta love Hobby Lobby and their assortment of fun knobs. Last week they were all 50% off, which was great seeing as I needed to buy 14 of them.

So what do you think of the living room and master bedroom transformations?

i'm once again procrastinating

Alright, I know I need to get on the posting of the lingerie chest and the rest of the house. Really I am working on it. But as you can see I have also been working away at trying to redo my blog. I was getting really sick of the Halloween header and figured it was close enough to change it up.

For your viewing pleasure, quite possibly one of the funniest videos I have ever seen. Seriously ladies, how many people feel like this could have been filmed at their house?

lingerie sneak peak

Remember my lingerie chest from this post? It is finally finished!

I am working on a post with the reveal of not only the lingerie chest but of all the painting that has been happening around here. It should be up later today. In the meantime here are a few sneak peaks of the chest.

28 October 2009

great pumpkin indeed

Halloween is almost here! This week has been about finding the perfect carving pumpkin and then making a jack-o-lantern.

Mabry helped her Dada collect a bunch of the seeds as they hollowed out the pumpkin. It was comical to watch her try and grasp them. If you have ever carved a pumpkin, you should know just how slippery the seeds are.

Dan free handed a great jack-o-lantern face after having given up scouring the Internet for a Penn State/Joe Paterno stencil to use.

While he was busy with the knife, Mabry and I took the seeds and planted them. I am pretty much the kiss of death to all plants. Let's hope I can keep these seedlings alive (assuming they sprout) so we can plant them out back and grow our own pumpkins for next year.

As you can see Mabry is a bit apprehensive when it comes to scary looking things. Going out in public has been one terrifying experience after another all month long.

Hopefully our Little Bo Peep will be brave with Sheebus by her side to trick-or-treat on Saturday. Otherwise I think we will be spending some time indoors watching It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown with the blinds shut.

27 October 2009

happy birthday dan

Monday was Dan's 29th birthday. We celebrated by letting him sleep in late and then play video games before opening presents and going to Cold Stone Creamery in the afternoon. After all nothing says birthday like cake batter flavored ice cream with bits of chocolate, fudge and brownies in it.

While we were out we decided to try and brave the elements to see a waterfall that is less than 30 minutes from the house. (I needed to take some photos of moving water for my photography class.)

The weather here has been anything but stellar. In the morning it can be freezing cold, by noon it can be almost 80 causing you to change into shorts and a t-shirt and by dinner you could be pulling on thermal underwear and a parka while wrapping up in a blanket. Toss in some steady freezing drizzle and it is just plain miserable.
Anyhow, it was cold and drizzly, but we hiked down a path for awhile looking for the falls on our own until I began to feel my ears starting to hurt. This was when Dan, in his elderly wisdom, pointed out that there was a Nature Center and maybe one of the workers inside would know where we should go.

"Oh the waterfall is right out back. You can just walk down this little path and there is a great overlook," said the friendly worker guy.

So back out into the cold and drizzle we went. We walked up and down the path and saw nothing. Finally, I went back over and asked the worker what was going on.

"Oh, well we haven't had enough rain lately, so there isn't an actual waterfall right now."


Yep, see that black area between the trees? Well if you shut your eyes and imagine you can almost see a waterfall right there:

The old man was not happy:

Neither was the freezing baby:

I think it was all smoothed over later that night. Dan had a feast of shrimp linguine Alfredo and a whole pan of au gratin potatoes (to himself) to celebrate.

Also, Mabry sort of sang her first song:

Scroll down to see/hear her sing the Mabry version of the ABCs.

we don't need no stinkin' v, w, or z

I am hard at work on several blog posts to catch you all up on what we have been doing around here during the last week or so. In the mean time I thought you might enjoy Mabry's version of the ABCs.

26 October 2009

halloween chicken

This week the i faces challenge theme is Halloween Dress-Up. I couldn't resist digging up this photo of Mabry from last Halloween to submit. I loved the chicken costume the first time I saw it at the store years and years ago. Dan refused to let me purchase it. He said that it would be a waste of money if we weren't even pregnant. A few years later when I was pregnant this costume was the first thing I purchased. It was buried in a clearance rack and I knew it would be at least a year or better before the baby could wear it, but I didn't care. It was just so cute.

When Mabry was finally able to wear it last Halloween Dan and I dressed up in white shirts with poster board yolks on the front to take her trick-or-treating. Proving once and for all (at least in our house) that the egg came before the chicken.

23 October 2009

just a little weird

To entertain herself while waiting for Dan to walk back from where he landed Mabry would pretend to hide and then laugh herself silly.

I don't even know what to say.

22 October 2009

look out below: take two

Yesterday morning Mom, Mabry and I went to the Saint Mere Eglise drop zone to watch Dan jump out of a plane. We were all tired and cold but excited to watch all of the paratroopers.

I think most of these photos don't need an explanation. I am just really happy that this time I actually took pictures of Dan.

Dan is the one on the left in the next photo. The guy on the right was being pushed toward Dan by the wind. I took this photo to show you just how close they sometimes are to one another. This can be dangerous if they collide:
This last photo is of the guys shaking out the parachutes. They have to do this before sending them to be repacked:

21 October 2009

office antics

A real post is coming tomorrow morning. I am actually working on it right now. In the mean time I thought you might enjoy this.

Fact: I would love to work in this office. Also, I think that they should do something similar to this on The Office. The end.

20 October 2009

still alive

I'm here!! I promise. There is just a lot of work that has needed to be done around the house for the last two days. While I don't like putting up a post sans photos, this time I have to make the exception.

There will be many photos to come in the next day or so.

19 October 2009

pink week

This week is Pink Week over at i faces. So even though I have already posted this picture in the last week or so, I wanted to do it again so it could be a part of the Pink Week submissions.

While I don't know anyone personally who has had to battle breast cancer, I have had my own scare (thankfully it was nothing more than a fibroadenoma) not too long after my daughter was born. There are so many brave women and men who fight this disease with such grace and courage. I pray for those people, I pray that my daughter never has to face this herself.

16 October 2009

fayetteville children's museum

It's official, I would like to be two-years-old again. When else is there a time in your life that you can decide that the best look for the day includes not only jeans and hot pink crocs but also a tutu?? I mean seriously:

Today Dan, Mabry and I along with our new friends A and L went to the Fayetteville Children's Museum. It was a blast.

The whole place is set up like a little town. There was a courthouse (with voting booth); a post office (with real mail); a bank (with money!!); a hospital (with gurney); a dentist office (with chair and giant toothbrush); a firehouse (with a pole to slide down); a 911 call center (with phones); a playhouse (with stage and wigs); a TV news room (with a working TV camera) and a grocery store (with carts and food). They also had a toddler room with a little house and loft area for the 5 and under crowd. Not too shabby for a $3 admission.

Shh!!! Don't tell, but I might be submitting some of these photos for my photography class assignment this week. I am supposed to be working on different angles and perspectives for photos. Thankfully none of the children thought I was too crazy crawling around on the floor. The same can't be said for some of the parents/workers who were all about giving me the funny looks.

Ok, one more time because, seriously, I just can't get enough of the outfit she put together today.

In the 911 center there were buttons you would push and could pick up the phone and hear the dispatcher saying there was a fire or whatever and to send help. This was one of L and Mabry's favorite places to play.

Officer Mabry Grace.

They loved pushing around the shopping carts in the grocery store. At least until they discovered the real working (and beeping) cash register. 

Maybe someday we will see our little tutu wearing girlie behind the anchor desk on the news.

Dan was really into the whole children's museum experience. He pretended to be a weatherman...

...cruised around town looking for perps with Mabry

...and then had time to get ready for the big game.

Back off ladies, he is all mine.

You all have a great weekend!!

15 October 2009


This week in the Show Us Your Life series hosted by Kelly's Korner the spotlight is on what we make or sell. I thought it was time for me to finally link up and share.

I have had my Etsy shop, shabbysheebus, up and running for several months now. In case you are new here, I named the shop after my daughter's beloved stuffed sheep, Sheebus. It started out as a shop for me to sell handbags that I was creating. While I love to sew, making handbags in addition to raising a two-year-old and trying to find time for other important things in my life (namely my family, friends and photography) became too much. I decided to change direction with the shop and I am so glad that I have.

There are currently still some handbags left, but I have started to sell some pictures that I have taken and plan to continue to add more things such as camera straps and cases (I am not abandoning sewing altogether!) in the future.

So please be sure to stop over to shabbysheebus and check out my inventory and add it to your list of favorite shops. New and interesting things are going to be added on a regular basis, so you will want to keep checking back. Also right now I am running a sale through the end of this month on all of my pictures. Only $1 shipping for the first photo and nothing more for any others you may purchase.
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