27 October 2009

happy birthday dan

Monday was Dan's 29th birthday. We celebrated by letting him sleep in late and then play video games before opening presents and going to Cold Stone Creamery in the afternoon. After all nothing says birthday like cake batter flavored ice cream with bits of chocolate, fudge and brownies in it.

While we were out we decided to try and brave the elements to see a waterfall that is less than 30 minutes from the house. (I needed to take some photos of moving water for my photography class.)

The weather here has been anything but stellar. In the morning it can be freezing cold, by noon it can be almost 80 causing you to change into shorts and a t-shirt and by dinner you could be pulling on thermal underwear and a parka while wrapping up in a blanket. Toss in some steady freezing drizzle and it is just plain miserable.
Anyhow, it was cold and drizzly, but we hiked down a path for awhile looking for the falls on our own until I began to feel my ears starting to hurt. This was when Dan, in his elderly wisdom, pointed out that there was a Nature Center and maybe one of the workers inside would know where we should go.

"Oh the waterfall is right out back. You can just walk down this little path and there is a great overlook," said the friendly worker guy.

So back out into the cold and drizzle we went. We walked up and down the path and saw nothing. Finally, I went back over and asked the worker what was going on.

"Oh, well we haven't had enough rain lately, so there isn't an actual waterfall right now."


Yep, see that black area between the trees? Well if you shut your eyes and imagine you can almost see a waterfall right there:

The old man was not happy:

Neither was the freezing baby:

I think it was all smoothed over later that night. Dan had a feast of shrimp linguine Alfredo and a whole pan of au gratin potatoes (to himself) to celebrate.

Also, Mabry sort of sang her first song:

Scroll down to see/hear her sing the Mabry version of the ABCs.

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  1. I like your pic of the freezing baby - good bird's eye view! Happy Birthday Dan!!!!


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