13 October 2009

i need your help

I need some advice. In what can only be described as a stunning ability to once again put off cleaning the house I began to pull off the doors to my kitchen cabinets. What can I say, desperate non cleaning moods call for desperate measures.

I took a few before photos.

I also took a few after photos. I was planning to take all of the doors off except for the small ones above the fridge and microwave but then felt compelled to stop and ask all of you if I was wasting my time.

Before you scroll down any further, promise you won't judge me for the way the interior of my cupboards look. Remember they are usually behind closed doors.

I am not sure that this kitchen would look right with all of the doors off. Not to mention I don't know what I would do about the fact that the cupboards themselves are one color by the shelves and insides are another. Obviously I could paint them. But then I would have to figure out what color and so many people have said we shouldn't paint our cabinets. Maybe if I do take off any doors it should just be the one with the glasses in it that is all by itself to the left of the sink? Or maybe I should look into cutting out the centers and installing glass? Even better maybe I should just put all of the doors back on and call it a day.

So think on that and then leave me some comments. I am looking for as much feedback as I can get.

While we are on the subject, how do you feel about stuff on the counters? What do you keep on yours and what do you hide away? I am thinking I need to cut back on the amount of crapola I keep on the counters but am not sure how to do it. (Nothing is there in the photos other than the coffee pot because I removed everything to wipe it all down.)


  1. Oh Jess I'd die to have your kitchen!!! I LOVE the cabinets! In my opinion - leave them on. That way you won't have to stress about keeping everything neat and organized. But maybe you could add some small pieces of wood (stained the same color as the cabinets) and make a rectangle out of it...just to add some dimension to your cabinets. As for what we keep on our counters...I'll have to take pictures tonight and post them on my blog - we keep sooooo much crap on the counter it DRIVES ME CRAZY. But we hardly have any storage space in the kitchen and in the rest of the house that I think we're in a hopeless situation.

  2. Mabry's gamma10/13/09, 5:16 PM

    Leave the doors on, too much color from your glasses etc: shows, they would all need to be one color. Maybe chalkboard paint a couple of the door fronts or the side of a cabinet. Counter tops... it is handy to have your utensils in a container near the stove as well as your spice rack. For some color you could add a small lamp or a couple colorful canisters. Check out some blogs.

    Disclaimer...I am NOT a decorator just a mom giving her opinion.

  3. Leave them as they are. I would love to have counters that look like that. I dont have enough cabinets so my countertop is so cluttered. I hate it.


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