11 October 2009

lingerie chest: part 1

A few weekends ago while up in Pennsylvania I inherited a lingerie chest from my Auntie Lois. I love it! I have thought of about a million and one places it would work in the house and what I could use it for.

Right now I am keeping it in the living room. It fills up the big ugly empty space that we have been dealing with since we moved in perfectly. (Some day I am thinking about built in bookshelves right there, but for now...)

The problem with the chest is that it is very beat up. My aunt has been in a wheelchair for many years and the wheelchair has banged it up pretty good. There is also some sort of a water stain on the top too.

So last week I took out my electric sander, removed all the knobs and got to work. I managed to smooth out the edges and other gashes so the "bones" of the chest are looking really good. (I plan to get a picture up of the sanded down chest, I just haven't taken any yet.)

I am just not sure what to do next. On one hand I am thinking about restaining the whole thing a dark color. The problem there is that some of the problem spots left behind dark spots and lines in the wood that might look odd when stained. Then I thought about painting it black to match the black table we have by the front door. Which would mean everything would be very matchy table wise in the room. I also thought about doing a really bold color (maybe aqua or a red?) just to liven up the room a little bit.

Anyone have a suggestion or opinion? I am still undecided. Which means in the mean time it is sitting bare bones in my living room without any knobs. (I have several different types from Hobby Lobby picked out but it all hinges on how I finish it as to which ones I will get).

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