30 October 2009

playing around

We have been experiencing some really nice weather the last few days. It has stayed a fairly consistent temperature and there has been no sign of rain.

Figuring we better jump on what could be our last opportunity of the year, we took Mabry to the park to play. It was also a good time for me to practice some of my photography skills that I am picking up in my class.

There is an elementary school that uses this park for recess. So while I could get Mabry to say "cheese" it was impossible to get her to look at the camera. I mean who wants to look at their Mama when there were all kinds of kids running around?

We all had a blast. I am hoping that maybe we can push our luck and get at least one more good afternoon playing on the swings and slide this weekend.

I am posting two posts today in an effort to make up for my inability to do a real post yesterday. The blog is still under construction as I desperately try to teach myself HTML. Bear with me and if you didn't stop in earlier, scroll down for the new paint reveal I posted around midnight.

(If any of you happen to know how to make the header go up that little tiny bit at the top to cover up that white line, please email me wrongweek (at) gmail (dot) com. Also, I realize that none of the links currently work on the header, I am trying to figure that out. Again if you know what I need to do for this please email me!)

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  1. Precious pics of Mabry and Dan! I love Mabry's face in the last picture you posted :-)


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