15 October 2009


This week in the Show Us Your Life series hosted by Kelly's Korner the spotlight is on what we make or sell. I thought it was time for me to finally link up and share.

I have had my Etsy shop, shabbysheebus, up and running for several months now. In case you are new here, I named the shop after my daughter's beloved stuffed sheep, Sheebus. It started out as a shop for me to sell handbags that I was creating. While I love to sew, making handbags in addition to raising a two-year-old and trying to find time for other important things in my life (namely my family, friends and photography) became too much. I decided to change direction with the shop and I am so glad that I have.

There are currently still some handbags left, but I have started to sell some pictures that I have taken and plan to continue to add more things such as camera straps and cases (I am not abandoning sewing altogether!) in the future.

So please be sure to stop over to shabbysheebus and check out my inventory and add it to your list of favorite shops. New and interesting things are going to be added on a regular basis, so you will want to keep checking back. Also right now I am running a sale through the end of this month on all of my pictures. Only $1 shipping for the first photo and nothing more for any others you may purchase.

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