20 October 2009

still alive

I'm here!! I promise. There is just a lot of work that has needed to be done around the house for the last two days. While I don't like putting up a post sans photos, this time I have to make the exception.

There will be many photos to come in the next day or so.

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  1. Hey! Don't worry about my email - life has way more priorities! If you can pick me up at the airport, perfect, otherwise I'll take a cab, shuttle, etc... and meet you at the hotel :-) And we can connect Nov 14 to see how things are going. What did Tracey say about your bird's eye view? I think that sometimes a bird's eye view can be done from a position not that much higher from the subject. For my bird's eye, I stood on a park bench and had Danny look up at me..then I moved the lens and my body around until I found something that I liked in the view finder. What about the image you submitted for Pink week? I liked that image - granted it's not entirely filled with Mabry's sweet face, but rather it shows her most prized possession.


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