14 October 2009

the mundane

I think it is pretty clear you all think that my cupboard doors should go back on. After looking at them for a little while now, I think you are absolutely right. So this afternoon I plan on pulling back out the drill (who am I kidding, I never put it away) and putting them back up. I'm going to have to work on figuring out the whole counter issue later on.

Dan was supposed to jump out of a plane this morning, but he called me as I was getting up to say that it had been cancelled due to weather. We were not surprised as we had checked the weather last night and saw a storm that stretched all the way back in to Louisiana heading straight towards us. Dan was bummed. Hopefully they will reschedule the jump for sometime soon, my guess is the beginning of next week.

Since Mabry and I no longer have the daunting task of picking out which one of the little dots hurtling to the earth at an ungodly speed is in fact Hubs/Dada we are instead going to go grocery shopping and to WalMart. Then we are going to follow all of that excitement very closely by a nap (for Mabry) and the cleaning of the house (for me--no more procrastinating!). The excitement is palpable around here.

This post has to be one of the most boring and mundane things ever written, so to make it up to you I thought I would leave you with two interesting things I found online yesterday, while not cleaning the house.

Nature's Ugliest Creatures: On days when I am feeling down on myself I will have to remember this and thank the good Lord that I am not a star nosed mole.

Ps. Happy 31st Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!!


  1. Mabry's gamma10/14/09, 12:37 PM

    Those stairs are so cool. Even I would probably do the stairs! Thanks for the anniversary wishes.

  2. I am glad it was canceled. The whole idea makes me sick to my stomach! Cleaning? What is cleaning? LOVE the piano steps...unfortunately the fun would wear off and people will eventually return to the escalator. :0(


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