02 November 2009

for the birds

Last week I was in a really crafty mood. The problem was I didn't want to have to load up Mabry and run all the way into town to JoAnns or Hobby Lobby to buy supplies. It was a rainy-icky-perfect-stay-inside kind of day. So I began to search around online for some inspiration.

First I found this post that the Nester did awhile back talking about adding a little something to blank spaces. Next I found a project over at infrarrantly creative where Beckie used fabric to wallpaper a tree onto her son's wall. Then it was time to shop my supplies to see what I had.

In my fabric bin I found some left over scraps from various projects and down in the laundry stuff I found a can of spray starch from when Dan had the old military BDUs that needed to be starched after we would wash them. I began to search the Internet for various designs that I wanted to use as inspiration. The owl Beckie used in her son's room ended up being one. Once I found what I wanted I drew my pattern and then cut out the pieces according to what fabrics I wanted to use. Then I pinned the paper pattern to the fabric and cut out my pieces. After I cut out the fabric pieces I ironed them and then went to work finding the empty spaces I wanted to fill in.

I did not sew any of the fabric pieces together. When I would find a spot I wanted to place a bird, I would use some of the straight pins from my sewing kit to hold each piece in place on the wall. I held a rag against the wall under the bird to catch any starch that might run down the wall and I started spraying the fabric directly to the wall. Then after I had applied a liberal amount of starch I would pull out the pins and use my finger to smooth down any fabric that may have been sticking up. After about 20 minutes or so I would take a wet rag and wipe down around the wall by the bird and make sure everything was still sticking and that was it.

Seriously easy, seriously cheap, seriously cute.

So much so that I ended up making a few more to put up.

Mabry loves the owl in her room. She helped pick out where he (or she?) should go and every time we go in her room she will point and clap and yell, "Owl. Who! Who!"

See the bird above the fireplace?

Have a closer look:

These two were the extra ones I made to put on the other big wall in the living room. Can you spot them both?

I like how on the one bird the fabric started to fray just slightly. It made it seem a little more feathered.

Since I know some of you come here daily to get a Mabry fix, I will add this photo from this morning. She saw me pull out the camera to take pictures of the birds and started chasing me yelling, "CHEESE!!!" As soon as I stopped and turned to take her photo she got shy and tried to hide behind her sheebus. Silly girl.

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Jess I LOVE your birds!!! You are so creative! Also, LOVE the pic of yours that Tracey posted on her 9 Acres Photography blog. I'm going to have to try out the flashlight technique once the h1n1 flu is done with me and Danny!

  2. first of all, let me just say, "little bo peep?!" how perfect! loved it!!!!
    now, those bird are so cute!!! my brain is going crazy trying to come up w/ some i can put throughout our house!!!! my mom used to used fabric w/ starch for wall paper all the time (80's) b/c of the military housing. it was perfect b/c it came off so easily! i'm SO going to do something like this. mine won't look nearly as nester as yours though. you are such a crafty lady! :)

  3. What an adorable idea! I love the little birdies!!

  4. Ooh la la! Love the birds! Just found your blog via Infarrantly Creative's post today.

    PS- As I type, my 20 month old is saying, "Girl, bubbles! Girl, bubbles!" and wondering where your blog header went now that I've scrolled to the bottom of the page :)


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