01 November 2009

get your peep on

For Halloween Mabry went as Little Bo Peep. If I had had my way I would have crammed her back into the chicken costume, but this was already going to be a traumatizing enough day without the added humiliation of a costume that was two sizes too small.

The goal was to make the costume myself and spend no more than $15 on the whole thing. I came very close. It actually cost me $12. Of course now the goal is to try and do the same thing for next year, which by the way Dan and I already decided on next year's costume. I am SO looking forward to Halloween 2010.

Anyhow, the plan was to make Mabry into Little Bo Peep. Being afraid of jack-o-lanterns, scary masks and her own shadow we felt it would be best to let her carry sheebus with her. I bought the bonnet up in Lancaster, PA while visiting my sister. It is a little big, but I wanted something she could use to play dress up with later on. I went to Goodwill and found a cane (yes it is metal) and I took some left over spray paint and gave it a couple of coats making it a perfect shepard's hook. The ribbon was just something I had laying around so I cut it in half and put part on Sheebus and part on the hook. Then Mabry was allowed to pick out any dress in her closet to wear with it. She went with the super cute dress my Aunt Vail made for her.

We stopped at our friend Dana's house first. Mabry did OK walking up to the house and managed to say "Trick" and "Thanks." She fell apart a minute later when a big kid in a scary mask walked up the lawn. We tried a few more houses in Dana's neighborhood, only to be scared by more costumes being worn down the street and a decoration on one person's porch, before moving on to our friends Jessie and John's house.

Mabry only went to three houses (including Jessie and John's) in that neighborhood. After that she just wanted to hang out on J & J's front step with her new little friend, Drew, who lived across the street. Drew made a cute little Percy the train, didn't he?? Mabry liked to look at him and say, "Choo choo."

I'm glad she didn't get much in the way of candy. She doesn't need and I have a sweet tooth which would make it all impossible to resist. Especially Mounds...and Almond Joys...and Reese's Cups. Oh and did I mention the wonderful deliciousness that is the Milky Way bar?


  1. They are just too cute. Love the idea of Little Bo Peep.

  2. Mabry is getting so big. She makes a very cute "Little Bo Peep".

    Gloria's Grandma Marie

  3. Mabry did a great job picking out her dress!!! She makes the PERFECT Bo Peep!!!!!! And glad to see Sheebus got a little costume too! She just looks so proud of herself! So what was your costume?


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