20 November 2009

giveaway and catch up

These Nine Acres is having an awesome giveaway today! In an effort to show off her photo editing skills Tracey is giving five lucky people the opportunity to send her five of their own photos to have edited. Tracey is an extremely talented photographer and photo editor. Also while you are over there you may or may not see some fairly incriminating photos of me during the photo walk this weekend. All I have to say is that Nicole and I are nothing if not willing model participants.

I have been slacking as far as photos and things have gone on this blog. Today is the first day since I have been home where I don't have to get in the car and go anywhere. Unless you count the trip I am going to have to make to the grocery store this afternoon for milk, of which we have been out of for two days now.

This is going to be the big catch up day for me. I have two slouchy hats to make, working on some Christmas presents, two camera straps that I have been commissioned to make and maybe even a cape for Sheebus because a certain little girlie made a request in the form of, "Baa [his nickname] cape too?"

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