21 November 2009

little bo peep has lost her sheep

Yesterday was a busy, busy day spent mostly at the sewing machine. I managed to make a cape for Sheebus, a crocheted slouchy hat, four Christmas stockings out of winter scarves and two camera straps. (One strap I know isn't totally sewn in the photo, but take my word for it before I went to bed it was complete.)

Not too bad for a whole day's worth of work. It helped that I didn't even try to run a brush through my hair or get out of my PJs. There is still so much left to make/sew/create. Part of me loves this time of year and part of me is SO looking forward to after January when the sewing machine and I can hopefully take a break for at least a week.


I went to put Mabry down for a nap on Thursday and ended up smack dab in the middle of 15 of the scariest minutes I have had in a long time.

Sheebus was missing. (Queue scary music) Dun, dun, dun...

I searched everywhere. In closets, the car, dresser drawers. No sign of the sheep anywhere. Mabry was following me around calling out, "Sheebus, baa!" and then giggling like a crazed person.

Now I have had a backup Sheebus that I found on the Internet several months ago for just such an occasion as this. I just didn't want to have to use my proverbial ace in the hole if I didn't have to.

While crawling around on my hands and knees (thinking I would get down to Mabry's level in an effort to think like her) I spied a pair of beady eyes looking at me from the toy room:

I had no idea Mabry even realized this seat opened up. I walked over to the car and opened it just as Mabes came walking up behind me and yelled, "Surprise!"

Apparently the little stinker knew all along where her beloved companion was. She really will do anything to buy just a few more minutes of freedom before having to go to sleep.


I thought I would give you a tiny sneak peak of what else I was busy doing this past week:

Can't wait to put up the finished photos!


I have lots of fun photos to share with you all next week all ready to go. Until then, enjoy your weekend!


  1. OMG! That is the funniest story ever. Love the eyes peeking through!

  2. Mabry's gamma11/21/09, 11:15 AM

    Mabry sure is a little stinker and smart too. Love the scarves you made, now you can throw away those awful ones I made... hallelujah!

    Can't wait to see all our helpers next week.

    Love ya,
    your mom xo

  3. The stockings you made are ADORABLE!!! Good work Jess! Can't wait for my straps, they look great! Oh you have set up your Christmas tree - I wanted to do our lights this afternoon, but apparently it's not cold enough for Danny to have Christmas lights hanging up. LOL Geesh! Mabry is a little stinker - great pics of Sheebus's eye peaking out of her car!


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