25 November 2009

marbles part 1

Last week my friend A and I took her sister, her son L and Mabry up to Marbles Kid's Museum in Raleigh for the day. It was a blast! I brought my camera along and spent much of the time documenting everything, including spending a bunch of time taking photos of myself in a three way mirror (above).

Marbles has all kinds of things to explore, play with and discover. One of the favorites was a three story pirate ship in the Splash area, that came complete with a hammock, costumes and stuffed parrots.

Also in the Splash area were tanks/sinks/tubs of moving water that you could play with and in. The kids were supposed to wear plastic smocks to help protect them from getting all wet. 

Mabry is modeling what it looked like on her:

My favorite part of the museum was the garden area outside. It was just so pretty and peaceful. There were work tables with magnifying glasses and laminated information sheets on different trees and plants and flowers. L loved it because there was a huge dirt pile complete with toy trucks to fill up and haul all the dirt around.

Later this week I will show you more from the museum. If you live in the area and are able, I highly recommend this museum. We plan to go back often!


  1. So much fun! I love the three way mirror, the magnifying glass, and the hammock!

  2. Jess, it took a while to get you into some tighter fitting jeans... and GIRL, YOU LOOK GOOD! (I know way off key but I had to tell ya) You are getting to be quite the photographer! Great work!


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