24 November 2009

miracles can happen

One of my most favorite things is when I sit down to read the paper, watch something on TV, surf the Internet and I stumble across a story of an average person who has gone above and beyond to make amazing things happen. The kind of story that leaves me with goosebumps, a huge smile plastered on my face and (usually) tears in my eyes.

Tonight I had one such experience. An 11-year-old girl named Lydia is creating her very own Thanksgiving miracle. A miracle that I was able to participate in. A miracle you can help with too.

I think Lydia does a better job explaining what is happening than I ever could (this is an excerpt from a post found here):

"For the next four weeks, my mom challenged us to show crazy love for God by helping others, even if every one else thought we were out of our minds. Of course all of the kids wanted to do something to help orphans who have Down Syndrome....especially me. So we are washing cars, baking cookies, and babysitting to raise money. Today we were driving into the neighborhood and I looked at all of the beautiful houses and said: "If every single house gave some money for Darya, we could have enough money raised for her to get adopted."
When we got home, mom told us to come look at an email we had received from Mrs. Amy. Mrs. Amy is a friend that adopted a little boy from Reece's Rainbow last year. She had checked out our blog and saw we are raising money for Darya and it made her cry. Her email said she met Darya when she was at the orphanage in the Ukraine to get Micah. We never knew that. She said Darya was in a crib, no one ever spoke to her, no one took her out to hold her, and she was left alone by herself all day long. Mrs. Amy said she needs a home very fast.
Her email upset me a lot. My heart has been set on Nadine on the Reece's Rainbow site, and I pray for Nadine and Darya all of the time. But now it seems to me like Darya needs a family right away and might need a family more than Nadine. (I wish we could adopt Nadine and Darya). Mrs. Amy sent us a video that she took of Darya when she was there, and Darya looked so sad. I thought, what if that was Hope or Charlie stuck in a crib all day with no one to play with. I can't even stand to think about it.
So I asked my mom if I raised $20,000.00 could we go get Darya ourselves and be her family. My mom said yes, if I raised that much money she would know it was from God, but she said she didn't think I could do it because that is a whole lot of money. I told her I was going to try my best and nothing is impossible with God. Then she said if I raise $20,000.00 we could even adopt two kids from Reece's Rainbow, and we would try to make the other one Nadine. Now I probably won't even sleep because I am so excited!"

Internets, that post was written ONE WEEK AGO. Lydia and her family have already raised over $10,000. I am amazed and in awe.

There are two days left. Miracles can happen. I am a believer, are you?

Please help the Darya Project. Click here to find out how.

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