05 November 2009

ponies vs piggies

Have no fear, the pigtails are still very much apart of the hair routine around here. The other morning Mabry just wouldn't sit still and I figured out that there is enough hair on the back of her head to make a ponytail. While it is much quicker, I still love the piggies. Plus, holy cow does it make her look older!!

What I wouldn't give to have the ringlets that curl right up as soon as the hair is pulled back. Of course, it came at the price of having a mullet that just seems to get increasingly more defined as the weeks go on I think I would have to pass.

I spent much of yesterday cutting out birdies and getting them ready to be mailed out. I am a big fan of a letter being included with any mail. Unfortunately for me the printer ran out of ink and it was way too late at night to go to the store and I am way to Type A to leave a project unfinished. So I hand wrote a bunch of them. I think it adds a personal touch anyhow.

I can't wait to show you the next project I am working on after this!

Enjoy your Hump Day!!

1 comment:

  1. Mabry's Gamma11/5/09, 3:12 PM

    We don't need her getting any older. That second picture Mabry doesn't look any too pleased with you. We love her piggies too.


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