06 November 2009

waiting war

Someone is dishing out the dirty looks to Mama. I bet you will never guess why.

Here let me back the camera off a little so you can see what is going on:

This past week I have started the first real steps towards potty training. Several times a day I ask Mabry to go in and sit on the potty. She doesn't mind going into the bathroom and will lift the lid and sit down. She hasn't figured out how to pull down her pants, for some reason she wants to hike the waistband up to her shoulders when you tell her to pull them down. So I help her with getting off her pants and diaper. After that we just spend a lot of time waiting.



Still waiting.

For up to an hour at a time.

The reward for all this waiting? Nothing. Not a single drop.

We sing silly songs. I read books. I encourage her to just go already. I have used the "big girl" potty that is right across from her potty seat.

Still we wait.

Mabry is happy and has not tried to fight me on this at all. She knows she doesn't get to wear her new panties until she goes in the potty for the first time. She also knows she gets to used the coveted toilet paper (oh how she longs to grab that paper just hanging there on the roll) just as soon as she goes. Honestly I think she likes her potty seat. I have caught her a few times setting her Sheebus and other stuffed animals on the seat and then clapping and telling them they are "BIG! BIG!" I am pretty sure she enjoys the books I read and the songs I sing to keep us both occupied.

It is just one big entertainment fest in the bathroom these days.

I'll let you know when my Oscar nomination comes in.

The only thing she doesn't enjoy?

When I take photos of her on the potty seat.

Any Mamas (and Dadas) out there with some good advice, pointers, tips I would really appreciate it. Please just leave me a comment.


  1. Mabry's gamma11/6/09, 8:33 AM

    She really is giving you some dirty looks and that last picture is like she is saying, "enough already, mama." Those are some good photos even if she is on the pot, makes her gamma laugh at her. Keep up the good work, it does take lots of patience. Too bad you couldn't find a little girl her age already potty trained and she might go if she saw her using a potty instead of wearing a diaper, but then again, Mabry might not even care. She seems to do things when "she" is good and ready. Definitely not on someone else time frame, wonder where she gets that from????

    Love ya,
    your mom xo

  2. Those are gonna be great blackmail pics. Just wait until she's giving you those looks as a teenager in front of her friends. You can counter by whipping those puppies out. OH Mabry Grace!


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