02 December 2009

christmas tour

I am a minimalist. I don't like to have a lot of clutter around my house. I just think a lot clearer and do better in a clutter free environment. That being said I have a (fairly) strict Christmas decoration policy. There are three tubs (including the one that holds our tree) that are dedicated to Christmas stuff. If it can't fit in those three tubs, then we don't have it. Which either means not buying said item in the first place or getting rid of stuff in the tub to make room. This has worked out really well for me so far and also challenges me to get creative.

Our decor this year is pretty simple and I tried to limit it to the living room and the front of our house (photos to come later this week). I am working on a centerpiece for the dining room table too. I am really happy with how it all turned out.

The banner across the window is something I made with scrapbook paper, it reads "Merry Christmas."

Decorating has been kind of crazy with all the traveling we have done and Dan in night school until late every day. This year Mabry helped me put all the candy canes on the tree and then she and Dan put the first ornament on. After that he had to leave for school and she went down for a nap so the rest was up to me. Our tree skirt is one my aunt Beth made for my parents when they were first married. I love sentimental things like that.

I did notice a pattern when I started to unpack all of my decorations to put out. I have a real thing for jingle bells. I think I have about four or five different sizes, all kinds of colors, even some glitter covered ones.

See the wreath on the mirror? Made entirely out of jingle bells. I bought it at Bed Bath and Beyond after Christmas last year for less than $5. The house is our advent calendar. Another after Christmas bargain from Target. I am still trying to think of creative things to put in it for Mabry and well, we are already on day 2. So if anyone has suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

Here is another view of the front table. You can see my $5 Hobby Lobby sled better in this one. I have framed photos from the years (all two) that Mabry has sat on Santa's lap. I plan to add a new picture every year and once she is too big for Santa we will start framing the family Christmas photo to put up. The photo on this table is from her first time seeing Santa. She loves to point at it and say, "Baby Maybe and Santa. Ho ho."

My mother-in-law gave us this pretty wreath made out of ornaments one year for Christmas. I love it!! Oh look, you can see my reflection in the bulbs. Hello there.

The Naughty or Nice decal was an after Christmas sale thing I picked up at Kohl's for a few dollars. I figured I would try it out. Turns out they are pretty easy to put on the wall. Unless you are doing it over an arch, which adds a little bit of complication for sure. Hope that it is just as easy to take off. You can see the photo from last year's visit to Santa framed as well.
I made all of these stockings yesterday. Before anyone asks, we have three members in our family and the fourth stocking is purely to even things out so we didn't have an empty stocking holder. I got the idea of using burlap in a magazine and then just attaching little wooden letters that I painted to the ribbon. Some of them came out a little boxier than others, but I gotta say I think that they are one of my favorite things this year.

Hope you enjoyed my Christmas living room tour.

Ps. The photos in our header are the tree topper. How I love me some shiny red beaded star! The Department of the Army ornament and also our Christmas photo.

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  1. Jess I LOVE the Naughty or nice decal!! Your stockings turned out really nicely!!! You are so talented :-) Love the new header on your blog and can't wait to see more Christmas decoration pictures! Did you get your ornament from the ornament exchange?


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