07 December 2009

link love

The better part of this afternoon has been spent catching up on Facebook/Twitter and Blog updates. Goodness gracious. Spend a few days hardly touching a computer and you miss so much.

Sometimes I long for the days before all of the updating. That is a different post for a different day.

I am also trying to organize a massive amount of photos that I have taken in the last few weeks and organize the very long and jumbled up mass of links I have bookmarked for various reasons. Which, leads me to the reason for this post. It has been weeks since I passed along some link love.

Please enjoy!

*DIY Closet Dividers: I already bought the "O's" and I have tons of scrapbook paper to choose from. Now to find the time to get these made. Not that there is a huge rush. I finally packed away all of the 18-month clothing Mabry has been wearing and pulled out all of the 2T stuff. I thought I had bought her lots of things in the 2T and even 3T sizes for this winter and next year. Turns out, I don't have near what I thought. Poor girl has two dresses (for now) to rotate through for church.

*Dollar Barn Christmas: Just some really cute and inexpensive ideas for the holidays.

Girl's Bedroom: This is the same bedding line that is in Mabry's bedroom. She even has the "DREAM" on her wall too. I want to make the fabric banner to put up and if I can figure out where, I would LOVE to do some of those pom poms in her room too.

*Childmade: My aunt sent me this link. There is so much fun and interesting stuff on this site.

*Recipe Card/ Photo Holder: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this. I am now on the lookout for a really cute fork for just this purpose.

*100 Holiday Crafts: All kinds of fun and interesting things to do as the days countdown to Christmas.

The Fun Never Stops: I am sure many of you have seen this circulating around the Internet by now, but in case you haven't check out the link for a good laugh.

**All tutorials and how to's will also be linked on my tutorials page as well.

Now I hear a little girlie crying. Finally up from her nap. We had a long night last night. Her last two teeth are coming in and they are the only ones to give her any problems. Poor thing.

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