31 May 2010

151~365: the disappearing photo

I wish I could show you the photo that I took today.  Unfortunately you are going to just have to take my word for it that there were photos taken today.  I used my iPhone and since we are traveling I don't always have time to transfer them to my Flickr account right away.  The phone started having problems and Apple decided to replace it.  So I lost all the photos from the 31st.

Imagine a goodbye to Dan's family and driving about two hours to the airport as Dan had to go back to work rather than hang out with us in Pennsylvania all week.  Then imagine driving about 30 minutes to my sister's house where the sky went from blue, to light rain, to pouring/blinding rain, to pelting you with hail so you had to park your car under an overpass along with about 6 other cars.

Throw in a little Mexican food and that was pretty much our Monday.

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