01 June 2010

152~365: the engagement photos

AV Mode, ISO 200, f/5.6, 1/125sec
6.1.2010 @ 11:57am

 On Tuesday the real work began.  Part of the reason for my trip was to take engagement photos of my sister and her fiance, Sven.  We had lots of fun going all over Lancaster and taking photos.

Lots and lots of photos.

Almost 1200 photos to be exact.  Over the course of three days.

The most fun was probably in the evenings when we would plug the camera card into their TV and Betsy and Sven and I would go through what I had taken.  Some of the outtakes are pretty hilarious and we agreed that they have to make an appearance at the wedding somehow.

I'm still in the process of editing the photos and so I won't share of any of them with you right now.  Don't worry, I will soon.  For now I picked out a quick one I had snapped of Mabry and her beloved Aunt B.

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