22 June 2010

polka dot princess

Mabes decided she wanted "polka dots" in her ears last week.  

I can't believe how much more grown up she looks with them.  

I also can't believe the amount of drama and tears that can come out of such a small person three times a day as I clean her ears and turn the earrings.  This is going to be a long  six weeks.  

Pray for us.

(In case you were wondering, she just yelled "Ow! Ow!" with the first ear and didn't turn on the tears and start screaming until ear #2.  It came as no surprise she was able to stop crying mid-scream and dry up all of her tears as soon as they handed her a mirror to look at herself.)

This last photo has nothing to do with Mabry's polka dots.  On Friday Dan had the day off and so we took our girlie to see Toy Story 3 (CUTE movie!) and she was hamming it up in the backseat with Dan's work beret.  We had the windows down as we drove and she said she needed the hat to protect her hair.

God has a serious sense of humor.  That is the only reason He would give me such a girlie girl.

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