15 June 2010

prince charmin's kiss

This morning the plan was to take the kids to a strawberry patch and pick our own strawberries.  This took a terrible turn when we arrived to find that not only were all the berries picked over, but weeds that were taller than Mabry had taken over a vast majority of the field.

So instead we went into downtown and found some interesting brick walls to take some photos.

Mabry brought Sheebus along.  As usual he spent a good portion of the time in front of her face.  Mabry is funny.  In addition to having the basic attachment to Sheebus, she also finds comfort in a little routine she has.  This involves sucking on two of her fingers, pulling them out and wiping her wet fingers down her face, sticking them back in her mouth and then tapping Sheebus to her face.  How weird is that?

I need to capture it on video before she stops doing it.  I am sure when I bring it up when she is in her teens she won't believe me that she used to slap her own face with slobbery wet fingers.

L wasn't quite as happy to have his photo taken.  He was more interested in running around and playing than standing still for the crazy lady with the big camera who was once again in his face.  Can you blame him?  

My girlie girl.  I can't wait to bring her back to take more photos sometime.  Hopefully when it isn't hot as hades outside.  

You may have noticed that this post is not labeled with the usual day number of the 365 project as most of my posts have been this year.  That is because I am trying to take some stress and pressure off of myself.  One way that I am doing that is by shelving this project for now.  

I can't tell you how  much it breaks my heart to stop.  But the truth is I am not good for anyone if I feel like I am stretched to my breaking point, which quite frankly, is about where I have been for the last couple of weeks.  Some things had to give and the 365 project was one of them.

I am hoping that with the pressure to take a photo and edit it and get it posted before midnight off, I might be a better blogger.  I usually spend at least part of my day freaking out about where I am going to find the time to edit the photos I have taken that day and then get something typed up and posted while still being a good wife and mama and paying attention to my family.  If I miss a day of posting I start to get stressed out about how much more work I have made for myself the next day and instead of doing it I almost always let it build up for at least a few more days adding that much more stress.  It is a vicious cycle and it had to stop.

This evening I did post a few more days of the project that had already been edited.  So make sure you scroll down and check them out.

Hope you all have had a great start to your week!

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