09 July 2010

a post from a very heavy heart

The plan for today was to post two really cute videos of Mabry singing.

Instead, just a few minutes ago I found out that a really good friend of ours when we lived out in Washington was killed a few days ago.  So rather than do some cutesy videos, I thought that today would be much better served as a reminder of what we all must sacrifice for this freedom we so recently celebrated.

The Dennis family is in our prayers today.  His wife mentioned that the article failed to mention he only had 14 days left until he was due to come home.


  1. Oh wow - what a sad time for our country! The Dennis family is in my prayers - I am glad that they are reassured knowing that Jacob is in heaven and no longer in any pain.

  2. So sad for that family and sad for you for the loss of a friend. This war is going on much too long. I will keep everyone in my thoughts and prayers on this sad day.


  3. Mabry's gamma7/9/10, 11:54 AM

    Jessica and Dan, I am so very sorry to hear about your friend and the great sacrifice he and his family has made for all of us. The Dennis family is in my prayers.


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