29 July 2010

in which i have been away

My Granny celebrated her 90th birthday this week by hosting a weekend long family reunion on her farm in Pennsylvania.  Mabry and I have been traveling fools for the last week and only got home late last night.

So I apologize for the lack of posting, visiting other blogs and general doing anything on the Internet.

Also, my barely even 5 month old iMac has decided to be totally crazy and act up in numerous ways.  Which means that while I was gone for the week, so was the computer.  Only when I picked up the computer from the repair shop tonight, they informed me that they hadn't repaired a thing.  Apparently the computer "healed itself."  Seriously, they pay these computer geeks the big bucks for things like that?

Well miracle healing or not, the computer still is running VERY slow.  Oh and did I mention the finger prints under the glass screen and the dirt smeared under there too?  I noticed that about an hour ago when I finally got the chance to set it up after forcing Mabry to go to sleep.

I have to admit, I sat down on the office floor and cried.  I am just so frustrated and angry right now.  It will be ok I keep telling myself.  I have already scheduled appointments for Apple to call me in the morning and for me to even take the computer into a store in the afternoon if need be.  I have been a very loyal Apple customer for a long time.  I love the product and recommend it to people all the time.  I am really hoping that I can remain on good terms with them by the time all is said and done.

Not to mention I really want a working computer so that I can edit the photos of the beautiful babies and children I photographed this weekend.

More on the reunion later.  For now, bed.

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