23 July 2010

mabry the first two years

Mabry First 2 years

Mabry's third birthday is rapidly approaching.  Which means I really ought to get my bottom up from this desk chair and start planning her party for this year.  I am thinking about going with some sort of Peter Pan/Fairy/Pirate theme this year.  No real reason, I just think it would be cute.  Plus I have found some really interesting inspiration out there in on the web.  Hopefully I can pull it off.  Especially because we will hopefully also be celebrating the graduation (finally!!) of Dan from the course he has been going through for over a year now around the same time.  A party to celebrate everyone!  Hooray!!

Anyone have a good suggestion on how to celebrate a Peter Pan/Fairy/Pirate birthday?

I'm going to take a break for the weekend.  See you all on Monday!

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