21 July 2010

where dan agrees that my fears are totally justified by sending me an article


Poor Ralph Mothes and Paloma Werner.

While sailing near Cape Town, South Africa a whale jumped out of the water and LANDED ON THEIR SAILBOAT.

There are pictures.

Thankfully Mr. Mothes and Ms. Werner made it back to shore safely.

So for all of you who mock and laugh at me when I tell you I won't be caught dead on a whale watching boat for this very reason, it can happen.

They are called killer whales for a reason.  Killer.  Not hug, kiss and cuddle whales.  Just sayin'.


This blog block is really starting to mess with my mind.  I think it is because this week has somehow turned into the most boring week ever on record while also being crazy hectic simultaneously.  Only I doubt anyone wants to hear about the massive amount of chores I am trying to dig myself out of.  I haven't really stopped to even touch the camera let alone do anything interesting to tell you all about.


Hence the reason for today's photos that have nothing to do with anything.  (Mabry calls these her noisy sheets because of all the patterns on them.)

I did manage to waste some time making a few new hair bows for Mabry.  Isn't this daisy just the cutest little thing?  I almost want to make some for myself.


Have a good Thursday. The weekend is almost here!!


  1. OK, that story about the whale is just a little terrifying! Just another reason I will never go out on a boat in the ocean! Love the hairbow though, very cute!!

  2. LOL But Jess it wasn't a killer whale that did that, it was a Right Whale...and if you go whale watching up here in New England the whales don't breech like that. When they are up here, they dive down really deep cuz they are feeding. Having a whale come up next to your boat is terrifying, but seeing their eye is an amazing experience. So I guess I'll have to go whale watching in your honor - but truthfully, there isn't much to see after the first 10 times their tails come out of the water. They don't do any tricks (a la sea world) and they stay away from the boats.

    On a different note, I love love love the vertical pic of Mabry - great composition!

    Hope this week gets better for you and you have a safe trip to PA.


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