17 July 2010

where i blinked and everything changed

My sister sent me an email two days ago with a link to the following video.  She said that she had been browsing through my Flickr account and came across this.  It was exactly one year ago today that I made this video...

I was stunned when I played it.  My baby is really growing up and I don't think until just now did I realize how much.  Gone are the days of that little squeaky voice.  Those super chubby cheeks and arms.  The little girl just learning to talk.

In some ways I am so happy with how much she has learned and developed and grown.  In other ways it just makes me sad.  They say don't wish your life away and don't wish for your kids to grow up too fast. Especially because you blink and years have gone by and those babies and kids aren't babies and kids at all.

1 comment:

  1. How precious. I love the fact that you are recording it all. Now you will never forget!


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