16 July 2010

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Last weekend was Amber's birthday and we hosted a little birthday BBQ/game night at our house to celebrate.

I'm not writing this post to tell you all about the party.

I am writing to tell you about the most delicious of delicious desserts that was made for the special occasion.  Amber hates cake.  (I know, who would have thought that such a person existed?!)  Which made making a birthday cake not a possibility.  I started to research online and I came across this recipe for Brownie Bottomed Ice Cream Cupcakes from Joy the Baker.


Oh. My. Word.

Each bite was the equivalent to licking a sugarcoated rainbow.

I swear.

You can find all of the step by step directions by clicking on this link right here.  A few things I wanted to note:

1.  I didn't measure out the brownie mix but rather used a spoon that I just dipped into the batter and then the bottom of the cupcake liner.  It seemed to work well that way.

2.  There was still a bunch of batter left over, which I used as a layer on another dessert but could have easily used to make a small tray of brownies.

3.  There is no way that baking the brownies for 6-8 minutes was enough.  I had mine in there for at least 15 minutes and I just kept checking on them every two minutes or so with a toothpick.

4.  Homemade ganache is really simple and quick to make.

5.  Don't set the ice cream out on the counter and then walk away without first setting a timer.  Otherwise it will get too soft because you will forget all about it and then when you come back you will have to stick it back in the freezer to freeze up again some.

Your tastebuds can thank me, your waistline can hate me.  It will be worth it, I promise.

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