20 July 2010

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Bathtime 7.19.2010

Sigh.  This is turning out to be a long week.  Not a good sign when it is only Monday.

It just seems that the amount of things I want to accomplished compared to the amount of time in the day isn't adding up.  But then, does it ever?  On the plus side, I did manage to finally clean out my closet.  I even tried on the prom dress I wore back when I was a junior in high school.  I could still zip it up and feel comfortable in it.  A huge plus to the ego.  Even if I know beyond a shadow of a doubt (for the bathroom scale and the super snug every day clothes tell me so) that I have 10 pounds that have been gained that must be lost.

Mabry has been demanding a lot of attention the last few days.  There is no happy 30 minutes of quite time while she quietly reads or plays in her playroom.  It is just the constant poking and "Mama?  Mama?  MAMA!" with no sign of letting up.  I am thinking about locking myself into the now roomy and clean closet of our master bedroom.  Shh!  Don't tell Mabry where to find me.

While we are talking about Mabry, I do have a few questions for you wise parents out there.  First of all, how do you get a child to eat with silverware and not their hands?  This is a daily struggle in our house.  Mabry knows how to use both a spoon and a fork.  She will even put food on both utensils.  This is followed by using her other hand to remove the food from the fork/spoon and shove it into her face/lap/table/floor/hair.  We have asked nicely, set examples, yelled, threatened, spanked, and taken food away.  Please, tell me what are we doing wrong?

Second, how do you teach a child not to go potty during nap and bed times?  Mabry has the whole potty training thing down pat during the day time.  She knows when she has to go and isn't afraid to tell me, Dan or anyone else.  She can even hold it for short periods of time if we are in the middle of something (like driving) and can't take her immediately.  I figured the best place to start will be nap time.  She already uses the rest room before she lays down, so I would think that she would be OK for an hour or two of sleeping.  It is 50/50 on if she wakes up dry.  The few times I have tried to put her in her big girl pants to nap she has had accidents.  The plastic panty covers don't work at all.  So how do I tackle this?  Am I doomed to daily laundry loads of pink twin sheets?  Would it be wrong to be the parents who send our kid off to college with a box of Pampers for night time?

Talk about both a boring and random post.  Can you tell I am going through a bit of blogging block?  Or maybe a better definition would be a whole lot of just don't care anymore attitude.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

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