26 July 2010

where i show you several blasts from the past

Mabry and I have literally spent hours sitting at the computer doing one of her favorite things.  Watching old videos saved on my hard drive.

Dan has two girls on his hands that are into cheap and easy entertainment.  Lucky him.

This video makes Mabry laugh and laugh when she watches it and is one that is in constant playback mode when we go through the videos:

I laugh watching this video.  It seems that her go to sleep/take a nap/wake up routine has hardly strayed in the last two+ years.  I believe we caught her doing this very thing at nap time just last week:

I am posting the next video for Dan's benefit.  Not surprising I had my camera on hand when we purchased our dear Sheebus.  I just wanted him to see that she didn't need the sheep so badly as he claims she did.  Someone just happens to live life wrapped around the little finger of a tiny girl.  I'm just sayin':

This last one gets a funny reaction out of Mabry when we watch it.  She usually gets really panicky and says, "Oh Mama!  That poor baby.  Look at her cry.  Oh Mama!  I can't watch me like a baby so upset." Priceless.  I wish I could say that these fits were a thing of the past.  I want to say that this one was over a  peanut butter cookie.  Good times.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

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