14 July 2010

where imagination runs wild

Mabry's imagination has been running wild lately.  From the blanket in the living room that suddenly turns into a car for her to drive me around in to the silly songs and stories she makes up and shares with everyone, it is just a nonstop surprise from the moment she wakes up until she goes to bed at night.  We can't get enough!

Here she is walking her dog:


She would work as hard as possible at balancing Sheebus on the belt so that she could drag him all over the house going, "come on puppy, come on."

Of course there is also the farm that she runs which consists of one sheep and one puppy.  Who on this particular day were getting married I found out:


Lucky for me I was there to capture the ceremony for the happy couple.

Yesterday morning while picking out her clothes for the day she informed me that she was a cowboy princess.  When I asked her what that was she pulled out her little denim outfit and tutu and informed me that it meant she had to wear this all day.



Talk about a cute cowboy princess.  Oh and in case you were wondering, I saw this photo:

and was inspired to do something similar in my office on the blank wall.  So I enlisted in the help of Amber (who is a much better doodler than I) and some of the free tester paint I was sent by Glidden to create these little masterpieces.
Ps.  Dear Katy,

The other day Mabes and I were watching some of the videos of her I have posted on here.  She especially loved the one found here of you and her laughing.  When I told her she was going to get to see you in a few weeks at Granny's 90th birthday she became very excited.  I bet I hear a hundred times a day now about how Mabry is "going to see Katy" and about all the fun she is planning on having with you.  So get your beauty rest now girlie, Mabry can't wait to see you and play, play, play!


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  1. Dear Mabry,

    Katy is so ready to come play with you too. She might pretend to be a bit shy at first but she is excited. She also says her imagination would give yours some good competition. See you soon.

    love, Jennifer


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