15 July 2010

you got a friend in me

We have something of a demanding toddler on our hands these days.  For instance this was a conversation just the other day:

Mabry:  Mama I want to watch Tinkerbell Rescue.

Me:  Well honey that doesn't come out until this fall.  Also, we say please in this house.

Mabry:  Please Mama, please now.

Me:  Honey, it doesn't come out until the fall.  I can't do anything about it.  

Mabry:  Please Mama.  PLEASE.  PLEASE.

Me:  What do you want me to do?  Buy the production company and force them to release it early just for you?

Mabry:  Yes and I want popcorn too. 


Sometimes when she remembers to say please and doesn't beg or whine, we do reward her with a special treat.  As you recall from yesterday's post Mabry is a cowboy princess right now.  I believe that part of the cowboy mentality stems from seeing Toy Story 3 and her love for all things Jessie.  Last night Dan and I bought her a Jessie of her very own.  

I am positive there has never been a toy that has made her this excited before.  It is so cute to watch her play with both Jessie and Bullseye, after all a cowgirl needs her horse (and they came as a pair).    

You Got a Friend In Me Montage


She even asks that they both sit by her bed when she sleeps.  (Thankfully Sheebus is the only one she ever wants in the bed with her.)

You have a friend in me 7.13.2010


  1. Mabry's gamma7/15/10, 8:10 AM


    Gamma is so happy to see mama posting every day, I can't believe how much you have changed since I saw you in April. You are a very lucky girl to get Jessie and Bullseye, I can't wait to meet them soon.

    Love you,
    Gamma xo

  2. Isn't that so frustrating? Timothy keeps asking to watch Toy Story 3 and I have to keep reminding him that we can't but he just doesn't understand. He does that with TV too, if a show he likes isn't on, he doesn't understand why I can't just turn it on...makes me want to scream sometimes!! Glad she likes Jessie and Bullseye, we love those movies!

  3. Great reflection of Jessie in the mirror! How are the polka dots doing?

  4. Love, love, love the last one. Too cute.


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