27 August 2010

the one i plan to show all future boyfriends

Photo Strip

Yesterday while making a return at the mall, we came across an empty photo booth.  Surprisingly enough, the owners of the machine didn't charge roughly the same amount as a college semester to have your photo taken.

Plus, let's face it, you have to have some photo booth photos made at least once in your life.

How about we take a closer look at the results, shall we?

Photo #1:  The one where Mabry has no idea what is going on and Dan is trying not to pee his pants from laughing so hard at the expression we can clearly see she is making in the monitor in front of us:
Photo Strip #1

Photo #2:  The one where we instruct Mabry to make a funny face.  Instead she realizes, Hey--that thing aimed at me is a camera I must now pose and smile.  Thus making Dan and I look like total fools:
Photo Strip #2

Photo #3:  The one where we tell her to once again make a silly face and I realize that in Dan's mind "silly face" translates to open your mouth as wide as you can:
Photo Strip #3

Photo #4:  The one where we try to do the mandatory kissing photo and Mabry practices her horrified-by-how-embarrassed-she-is-by-her-parents-no-seriously-someone-tell-her-she-is-adopted-and-her-super-cool-parents-are-waiting-for-her-in-a-mansion-two-states-over face 11 years too early:
Photo Strip #4


  1. Oh that is one for the baby book!!!

  2. I just peed my pants. That is toooooo funny. Blackmail for sure. I was thinking about buying one of those booths just to have here at the house. I love them that much. Only then I saw the cost. Um, that would be a "no."


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