18 August 2010

the one where i inhale way too many spray paint fumes and i discover a "celebrity" buried under curls

Thank you all for your feedback on here and on Facebook about what to do regarding my bedroom.

First of all, as soon as I started moving it I knew that the bed in front of the windows was a bad idea.   It was just something I had to try.  Growing up I was the kid who rearranged her room on a monthly if not biweekly basis.  This habit has carried on into my adult life.  Living in a house where almost every room allows for only one arrangement is killing me.

Killing me I say.

Secondly, I ended up taking back the sconces.  They were too big for the room and just didn't look right.  The fact that I put them up on the wall and then needed almost immediate affirmation from my online family that they didn't look like total butt should have been a good indication that they had to go.  Why spend money on something you don't really like?


I did find some sconces from Hobby Lobby that I did love and for just about half the price as the other ones.  The only problem was that the dark metal base was lost on the dark wall.  Good thing I am not afraid of a little spray paint and sandpaper.

I am really happy with the way they look and the golden glass fits right in with the rest of the room.


Spray paint, isn't it magical?  Especially when you get a contact high by not thinking and using a can of  it in a closed garage.


In completely unrelated news, in a fit of total boredom I broke out the hair straightener and used it on Mabry.  I was curious to see just how long her hair really is underneath all of those beautiful curls.


I was a little shocked at just how long it is.  Especially when she started out with nothing more than a little faux hawk.

Exhibit A:
Sitting like a big girl #2

I think I was more shocked to discover that when she turned around it was more like looking at Joe Dirt than Mabry.


Dig it.


  1. She doesn't look like joe dirt. she looks precious! I like the sconces. I don't feel like you will be speared in the night. I can sleep well knowing that :) We need to talk about this weekend! I might call you tonight or tomorrow.

  2. Even Mabry looks shocked! Straight hair....not so much.

    Love the new sconces, they look great and I am glad that you are happy with them.

    I know it will drive you crazy not being able to change your rooms as often as you use to. I should let the blogging world know that not only did you change your room biweekly but you also would completely change bedrooms with your sisters. Then they will get a better handle on how much this is making you crazy not to be able to do it.

  3. Mabry's hair is so long! I love it!

    Oh those sconces are really much better. Your bedspread is beautiful :-)


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