15 August 2010

the one where i share a few favorites


I know I haven't been around much lately.  There has been a lot going on this past week.  You know the type of week where everything feels like it is a delicate juggling act.  One false move and the whole thing could come crashing down on your head.

Yeah, one of those weeks.

The good news is that a lot was accomplished and we all survived to live another week.  (Insert happy faces and birds singing here.)

One of the biggest accomplishments was finishing editing the photos from the family reunion I went to a few weeks ago.  No small feat when I had over 3,000 photos to sort through and a little girl whose favorite game is to ask what every item in a room is a zillion times while poking me.

I'm now going to take a minute to brag.  Can I just say what a good looking extended family I have?  I mean seriously each and every one of them....gorgeous and so photogenic.  How the heck am I related to any of them?

Mom I know you read this blog, fess up, was I adopted?  

Since most of the photos are in the password protected proofing section of my professional site, I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you.  I promise, if I could I would have put every last photo on here.  








Becky 2



Currently wishing I was back on the farm...

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