19 August 2010

the one where mabes finds her inner monet


My sister suggested that since I didn't need to the frames that were above my bed anymore that I move them up to the playroom.  

The only problem was that the frames are a really odd size.  So what do you put in them?

It didn't take long to figure it out once I got my creative juices flowing.

I picked up some paint from Walmart along with two pieces of poster board and came home with a plan.  

First I took the glass from one of the frames and traced it onto the back of the poster board three times (one for each frame that I had).  I was able to fit two on one sheet and the third on the second sheet.  Then I taped the two pieces together.  I wanted the painting to flow from one frame into the next.  

That was the hard part.  


After that I stripped Mabry down (she is in a diaper because I had already gotten her ready for bed when I decided to do the project) and turned her loose on a paper plate filled with paint.


When she was done I covered her hand in paint (since she was nice enough to cover my kitchen floor in paint already) had her "sign" the corner.  

 Of course I created a monster who now asks to paint anything and everything.  

Looking back this might be considered her "rainbow period."  I am going to embrace it while I can.  In a few years it will be the "doom and gloom brooding (pre)teen rain clouds of angst period."  


At which point these three paintings will be even sweeter than they already are.



  1. What a WONDERFUL idea!!! I LOVE the paintings :-) And they match the pom poms hanging over her adorable table :-) I'm glad to see that sheebus didn't try to paint with Mabry...that could have been a problem.

  2. I love it! They look great in the room. Great idea Jess and great job Mabry.

  3. GREAT job Mabry! I LOVE them; they look so colorful in the room. Great idea.

  4. I love your playroom pictures! What a cute idea!! I also would love to know where you got your couch. I am looking for something very similiar for our playroom. I wanted to tell you I love all of the pictures!! I am wanting to order some, so let me know how to do that. They are so good!!! Thanks, Leslie

  5. I think Mabry should open her own Etsy shop and sell those ;0)

    Great idea...may have to steal it for the twins' rooms!


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