16 August 2010

the one with a whole lot of mabry

May4 copy

Last week we had friends from Pennsylvania stop for a few days on their way home from a vacation.  While they were here we ended up stopping in one of my favorite places, a rose garden that is about an hour from here.  This is the same place we had family photos taken last year.

I discovered a few things during our impromptu trip up to the garden.  1.  A 5-week-old is very hard to pose.  Especially when hungry.  Poor Riley Marie, she was a trooper being laid on the ground and in plants.  Next time I will bring adequate materials for propping up a baby.  2.  Mabry is so trained to have her photo taken, she will find ways to sneak in to shots no matter how many times she is told to stay behind me.

May2 copy

May1 copy

Let's hope this week is better than the last.  Otherwise, I might have to institute a new rule:  All Toddlers Who Can't Be Quiet For at Least 5 Minutes a Day Will Be Recycled.

Mabry is so screwed.

May3 copy

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