12 August 2010

where i need opinions

My master bedroom is a disaster area currently.  All because I can't figure out how to decorate above my bed.

Up until a few days ago I had these awesome frames that I bought on clearance from Michaels hanging up.  I love the frames and the quote that I put in them.  I just didn't really love the location.

So I went to Hobby Lobby and found these big sconces to put up instead.  I just can't decide if it looks like too much in the room.


If I do end up keeping them, should I leave them the metal color?  Should I make them white?


Or maybe I should move the bed to in front of the window and use that as the decor above the bed instead. The only problem is the bed blocks half the window, which kind of stinks.  (Also I didn't move all of the furniture around.  Imagine a second nightstand on the other side of the bed, etc.)


So before I start moving or doing anything else I am putting out a plea to all of you to help me make a decision.  Or to give me a suggestion.  I'm giving myself to the end of Mabry's nap time to at least decide furniture placement.


  1. I think it looks good. It fits right in.

  2. I like them above the bed and painted white. I think it looks nice. I wouldn't move the bed in front of the window since it looks so much light.

  3. I am with Betsy and your Mom - paint the sconces white and keep you bed where you have it. I LOVE your tray ceiling!!


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