13 September 2010

a girl and her toys

I thought I would share a few videos of Mabry playing with some of her new toys.  The girl has quite the imagination:

It is embarrassing to post a video of me meowing, but sometimes that works to get her to change you back when she "turns" you into a certain animal.  If you meow or bark or whatever she giggles and then turns you back into Mama or Dada or whoever you are.  Unless you are making a video of her for the whole world to see.  In which case she will make you meow without mercy.

Good times.

She also got a tricycle for her birthday.  Her legs are a little too short.  So for now we do a lot of steering practice.  The walkway up to the house has just enough of an incline that she can coast along and have to steer.

I apologize in advance for all the motion in the video.  I wasn't thinking as I shot this.

As for pedaling, we do a lot of this:

I have one more video to share of Mabry playing with her Woody and Buzz dolls, but it is a bit of a long one and once again I apologize for my poor quality directing.


  1. I see Buzz Lightyear - I guess this means Mabry made it a whole week being dry?

    Thanks for the videos - I LOVE LOVE her little voice. Oh, and you make a cute cat :-)

  2. So darn cute! I love the Minnie shirt she has on. Love that she uses her imagination so well!


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