07 September 2010

the one where i review two andy andrews books

The Boy Who Changed the World by Andy Andrews is a children's story that sends the message that everything you do matters.  This book is based on another book written for adults by Andrews, The Butterfly Effect.

The book starts out with the tale of Norman Borlaug, a real person, who grows up to change the world.  Only Norman wouldn't have been able to do what he had done had it not been for Henry Wallace's influence on his life.  Wallace was influenced by George Washington Carver, who was influenced by a man named Moses Carver.  Each of their stories is tied together and beautiful illustrates what Andrews is trying to get across.  Really and truly everything you do matters, even if you don't see it right then and there.  Just as the butterfly flapping his wings on one part of the world is causing a hurricane on the other side oceans away.  

My daughter is only three-years-old so the story itself is a little wordy and over her head, however I am able to alter my reading by summing up each page in a sentence or two so that she understands and the message is still clear.  She enjoys looking at the wonderfully illustrated and colorful pictures when I read the story to her.  I enjoy the message of the book and knowing that this is a story that she will never out grow.


The second book that I am reviewing is The Butterfly Effect by Andy Andrews.

Only 109 pages long, this is a simple and fast read for even the most inexperienced reader.  I appreciated this because the truth that what you do is more valuable then silver or gold is something that everyone should have planted in their mind.

The book starts with the story of Joshua Chamberlain and how one act of courage on his part led to a change in the whole world.  From there the story keeps going to weave in the tales of Norman Borlaug, Henry Wallace, George Washington Carver and Moses and Susan Carver.  All culminating in one tried and true fact: EVERYTHING YOU DO MATTERS.

This would make a great gift for a friend or relative.  Especially someone who is starting out on a new path in life (marriage, career, college, etc.) or someone who is feeling down and like they don't really make that much of a difference in this world.  

I highly recommend this book to anyone.

Both The Boy Who Changed the World and The Butterfly Effect were sent to me from Thomas Nelson Publishers to review.  If you are interested in becoming a book reviewer for Thomas Nelson, please click here.

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