21 September 2010

where it is apparent dan and i need some parenting classes


Last week my mom sent me an email about a fun Halloween project she had stumbled across.  I loved it and just had to make my own set of monsters.  It was a great way for me to spend time working on a project with help from my own little monster.

Even though you could easily click on the link above to get the directions for how to make these guys, I thought it would be fun to include my own pictures and step-by-step how to.

The first thing I had to do was find jars.  Luckily it was almost grocery shopping day, which meant we were running low on everything.  So we finished up some peaches, the last of the ice cream caramel topping (Mabry was only too happy to help with both of those) and a jar of pickles.  I then raided the pantry and ended up moving all of our peanuts into a Tupperware to have the tall glass jar they come in.  The only jar I bought was the square one.  It is the only plastic one out of the whole bunch and it came from the deli section at Walmart.  It originally held about 20 Claussen pickles (now in their own Tupperware) and the square shape was perfect for old Frankie.

After I had gathered up the jars I peeled off all the labels and washed them.


Next Mabry and I took all the lids to the garage and using some left over spray paint, painted them black.


Then we went about resizing and printing out the faces we wanted to use for our jars.  This was a little time consuming as Mabry wasn't sure which ones she wanted to use.  There was a lot of back and forth. Once we had made up our minds I printed them out and set each one in front of the jar it would go with. Notice the one jar has two faces by it.  That is because Mabry just couldn't decide between the friendly ghost and the skeleton.  You can find the different faces here, here and here.  You will need to resize them to work with your own jars if you do this project.

The next step was to take a single sheet of tissue paper and cut roughly 1" strips the length of the jar.  I made mine a little bigger so that they would start just under the threads where the lid screwed on and then tucked underneath the bottom of the jar.


Taking the jar and laying it on it's side I would then paint a thin strip of Modge Podge the length of it and apply a strip of tissue paper.  I continued doing this all the way around the jar, making sure to overlap each of the strips just a little bit.  Since this next part was really messy, I put Mabry in charge of handing me the strips of tissue paper.  (For the mummy I used a pale yellow paper because I thought it would look more aged and I made the strips go in different directions like a real Mummy's wrappings.)


Once I had covered the jar in tissue paper I would cut out the face and Modge Podge that on.  Then the jar was set aside on its top to dry.


After all five jars had been covered and given faces I started with the first jar and painted a second layer of Modge Podge over the entire thing to seal it.  This seemed to be just the right amount of time for the first layer to have dried before starting on the next.

After that I left the jars for several hours sitting upside down and drying.

In the Halloween section of Walmart they are selling LED candles 4 for $2.  When you flip the switch they glow and flicker orange just like a real flame would.  I put these inside the jars once they were done, screwed on the tops and sat back to admire my work.


Mabry loved helping and asking all kinds of questions about each of the different monsters.  She kept referring to the mummy as the "Mom."  She even had a favorite:

Except once nightfall came and I turned on the little candles inside each jar she had a total meltdown.

I don't blame the jars, I blame the LED candles.  Only what I really mean to say is I blame Dan.  Dan who took two of the candles, put them in his eyes and then came around the corner and scared the snot right out of her while she sat on the potty getting ready for bed.


He thought it would be funny and she would laugh.  Call it a total lapse in parenting judgement.  Honestly, he kind of scares the snot out of me too when I look at the above photo.

I think this year for Christmas maybe we should be asking for tuition to a Parenting 101 course.  :)

Poor Mabry.


  1. THAT IS SOOOO FUNNY. I can see Ryan pulling something like that. Great idea. Maybe if I ever get another free moment, we'll have to make our own set. I love LOVE mod podge.

    Let us know the next time you're in Atlanta so we can visit. We'll call you tomorrow when Cora's born. Later!

  2. Good thing she was on the toilet.



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