09 September 2010

where we are no longer in the infantry now

Dan is no longer an Infantryman.

That felt really weird to type.  Ok, his job title is may no longer be Infantryman but deep down I think we will always be an Infantry family.  There, that felt a little better.

Last Thursday Dan officially graduated the Civil Affairs course after 18 months of schooling and waiting.  Hooray!

It was somewhat of a hectic day and I grabbed the wrong lens for my camera.  Also I was sitting towards the back of the room.  Which meant not the best pictures ever.

CA Graduation Ceremony 9-2-2010

The guest speaker for this ceremony was a Colonel who I am quite sure forgot that there were civilians there.  He went on and on in mostly military jargon.  At the end of his speech/lecture/attempted murder by boredom each of the 87 graduates had their name called and picked up their certificates.

I tried to keep myself entertained by taking random photos of the crowd:

CA Graduation Ceremony 9.2.2010

It was something to watch each row stand up in unison.  I remember my graduations from both high school and college and we must have looked like a bunch of rabid cats stampeding to get our diplomas. Dan said later that they had practiced standing up as soon as they heard a certain name called.

Can you spot Dan?

CA Graduation Ceremony 9-2-2010

As soon as his name was called to walk across the stage for his certificate TWO ROWS of people stood up.  Someone forgot to mention to his 5'2" wife that his name was one of those "stand up names."  Which meant that I dived across people into the aisle to get what photos I could.  One of him starting across the stage:

CA Graduation Ceremony 9-2-2010

And one of him coming off the stage:

CA Graduation Ceremony 9-2-2010

And one of him coming to his seat (trying not to smile):

CA Graduation Ceremony 9-2-2010

We were happy to have his parents and two of his siblings and cousin join us for the ceremony and celebration afterwards.  My parents, sister and her fiancee came down as well.  The celebration afterwards was in the best little Italian restaurant downtown, Pierros.  All the food smothered in cheese---yes please!  Oh and did I mention that they had garlic knots?  My waistline just grew an inch thinking about them, but they are worth it.

Mabry and I couldn't be more proud of our soldier.


  1. Congratulations Dan!! So exciting :-) What does this mean for you guys now, will you stay there in NC?

  2. We are proud of Dan too! Thanks for a great weekend.

    Love ya,
    your mom


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