18 October 2010

because martha says it is ok


Asking people to take their shoes off when they enter the house is sometimes really awkward to me.  I don't really know why.  I mean it is my house, it isn't a secret that I am a neat freak and bust my bottom to try keep everything nice, including the carpets.

I remember once when Gloria's father-in-law came to my house in Washington and he took his shoes off and said something about how he had heard Martha Stewart said there is nothing rude about asking people to do so when they come into your home.  So if Martha gives the green light, why is it still so hard for me to speak up?

While we were in Nashville last weekend I noticed both my aunt and cousin had baskets by the door for people to put their shoes into when they came into the house.  I loved it!  Especially because we have a teeny tiny tile entry that doesn't leave much room for shoes when we have a house full of people.

Have you see the ones that Target sells with the chalkboard on the front?  I heart them, but not for $40.  Which meant I had to rely on my motto of, "I can totally make that" and come up with a new plan.

So on the way home from our weekend away Dan and I stopped at a store filled with all kinds of discounted odds and ends near my parents' house in Georgia and picked up a canvas lined basket for $9.99.  Then I came home and took a scrap piece of wood, drilled two holes into it, gave a quick touch up with our sander and slapped two coats of chalkboard paint on it.  After it dried I ran a piece of twine through the holes and tied to the basket.  A little bit of playing around with my Chalk Ink markers and I came up with:



Then to take it a step further, I used the basic idea from this tutorial to come up with my own sign.  First I bought the $1 frame from Michaels and drilled two holes in the top.  Then using some scrapbook paper and a glue stick I attached the paper to the frame.  (It just had to hold well enough to get through the next two steps and then I Modge Podged the paper permanently to the frame.)  Using some stickers I added the "Please Remove Shoes!" to the bottom.

We had some stain out in the garage and so I stained the sides of the frame and also brushed some stain onto the paper to make it a little more weathered.  Once that was done I took some Modge Podge and covered the whole thing with a few good coats.

Since these frames don't come with glass or anything to protect the photo, I took a picture of our feet, printed it out and laminated it.


The only challenge now is deciding where to hang the sign.  I have the wreath I love on the door and it doesn't allow for a sign to also be hung.  I thought about suction cupping it to the storm door off to the side.  I also thought about hanging it right above the doorbell.  I just wonder if that will seem like a lot on either side of the door since I also have my hippie sign hanging up on the other side.

To see photos of my front door you can go here and here because I am suddenly too lazy to post any more photos.  I would love to hear opinions.

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