20 October 2010

flattery is the highest form of compliment


One of the best parts of a road trip, for me at least, is when Dan drives.  Because while he is busy dodging big rigs behind the wheel, I finally have time to go through the massive pile of magazines that seems to accumulate every few months.  I browse and rip pages out of things that interest and inspire me at 90 MPH on the interstate.

While in Nashville I went to my cousin, Jennifer's and fell in love with all the barn wood frames she has around her house.  I had a few smaller versions of these frames already, but had no idea that Hobby Lobby carried them in larger sizes.  Apparently it is all about knowing where to look.

All the frames were 50% off last week and so I picked up three 16x20 frames to hang up in the living room.  Two of the frames I plan to fill with photos I have taken of myself, Dan and Mabry.  The middle frame was inspired by one of the magazine articles I read on the trip to Tennessee.

All that I needed was a piece of $1.99 artist paper (it is about the same thickness as poster board, but has a nicer texture to it), some stencils, an Xacto-knife two pieces of scrapbook paper and a good quote.  Once I figured out what my quote was going to be I measured lines on the back of the paper and spaced out what I wanted to say.  It took a little playing around to figure out exactly what line each word should go on.  Then I traced the words onto the back of the poster board backwards using the stencils.  Using the Xacto-knife I then carefully cut out each of the letters, taped the scrapbook paper over top, turned it over and admired my handy work.


I found the "how to" for the project  in the Country Living September 2010 issue on page 54 in case you were curious.

The only thing I want to do now is paint the two mats I bought for the other frames and of course add our photos.


If only deciding which two photos of us to frame was as simple as the quote project had been.

Ps.  Only a few days left on my CSN giveaway!

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  1. That looks really great Jess. :) I painted the mats that are in our frames also. Super easy way to add color.


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