22 October 2010

on the 500th post i shared some love

First of all, how about we pick the winner of the CSN giveaway.  drum roll please...

Congratulations Liz, from Quiltz 'N' Hoez, you are the winner! Since you didn't leave me an email address, you have 24-hours to get in touch with me to claim your prize.

Now how about we continue this 500th post celebration with a little bit of link love.  I promise, these are really good ones you are going to want to check out.  Prepare to be inspired...

I really love the idea of the Roller Wall.  The website and videos are a little hokey, but the overall idea is great.  Especially when the alternative is to use a stencil and who knows how much time to achieve the same effect.  Someday I want to finally paint Mabry's/guest bathroom.  I am thinking maybe a pattern on the top half and who knows what on the bottom.  The only drawback is that the rollers are kind of expensive.  Maybe I can find someone who wants the same pattern I do and we can go halfsies.  Anyone?
Lately I find myself drawn to old maps.  I'm not entirely sure why or where I would ever put one if I bought one.  One place that I have found great inexpensive maps is Touch of Europe.  The map pictured above is actually wrapping paper that they sell for $4.50.  How easy would that be to frame?

I am not sure that it is going to happen in time for this fall, but by next fall I will have made some of these fabric pumpkins.  They are Adorable with a capital A.  Anyone else interested in spending an afternoon crafting up some of these with me?

Pilot has a new website that will turn your handwriting into a font for free.  I played around yesterday afternoon and created and save a few different fonts.  I also did a little research and hopefully soon they are going to make it where you can download and save the font to your computer.  It really is quick and easy to do.  I wish my handwriting was as interesting as the girl's featured in the video.

Last link (for now) is of a quick and easy sewing project I plan to tackle in the next week or so.  I am a sucker for scarves and these funky O scarves are cute, easy and I think the perfect weight for the brisk falls in the mid South where we live.  If they turn out I might be making a few more for Christmas gifts.  Sweet!


  1. I Love those pumpkins and would make them with you but sadly I am too far away. I looked at the tutorial for the scarf and wished she showed step by step pictures, I am having a time trying to understand some of what she means, were you?

  2. The pumpkins remind me of the pin cushions you used to make. (I still want one by the way!) Let me know when and where because I'd love to make some pumpkins with you! We're going home for Halloween and I've lived long enough without my sewing machine. I'm bringing it back with fabric and whatnot. Of course I have ZERO time, but I do have hope. Maybe the girls will both be napping at some point in the near future. Later.


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