25 October 2010

playing dress up part 1

I'm going to be honest, Halloween is not usually that high up on my list of anticipated holidays.  I have at least given myself credit that every year that Mabry has been around (minus this one) I have been planned well in advance for her costume.

At least this year I did try to make some decorations for around the house.

As far as costumes have gone, 2010 will be the year that I just phoned it in.  Call me lazy or burnt out.  I'd answer to either at this point.  Ironically, this is also the year when we will have had to dress up no less than four times in costume and I usually like to put forth a lot more effort with these things.

This past Saturday was a costume/Halloween party at the First Sergeant's house.  Mabry decided that she had to be a superhero.  Easiest costume ever.  Aside from the $2 worth of make-up sticks I bought at Walmart for her mask, we had everything we needed here at the house.  Even Sheebus had a costume ready to go.

(She was getting ready to fly in this photo)

Dan and I were a different story altogether.  I am not sure that either one of us has put on a costume since middle school.  So we were a little out of practice as far as these matters were concerned.  Not to mention we thought we weren't going to be able to make it to the party until the day before.  A little bit of last minute creativity and some wigs from our friends down the street turned us into Robbie and Julia from the Wedding Singer.

Do you see the resemblance?

The Wedding Singers

What if you crossed your eyes and sort of backed away from the computer? Do you see it now?

Yeah, me neither.

But at least we get an A for effort and a good laugh for some pretty terrible wigs.  Get a load of Dan's hair.

One lesson learned is  I don't think I will ever go platinum blonde.  Not one of my better looks.

Later this week I will show you our costumes for the Family Reading Night at the local library.

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