12 October 2010

prepare for liftoff

We have been a busy bunch around here lately.  I'm sure you could tell from the almost total absence on all things Internet for the last week or so.

Dan had four days off over the weekend (thank you, Columbus for discovering the New World!!) and we decided to take full advantage of it by getting out of town.

Our first stop was to visit with family in Nashville and then heading down to Alabama to help load up some of my parents' things and move it to Georgia.  I got to take a bunch of photos over the whole weekend (always fun!) and I have lots of fun things to share on the blog.  Does anyone else ever get a blogger's block and not know what to say?  That has been happening to me big time lately.

Anyhow, I thought I would start with the Saturn Rocket we found at the rest stop in Alabama.  The allure of the rocket looming in the distance and the knowledge there was a bathroom nearby for Dan was all it took for us to stop.  (Ps. While I love my husband so very much, I find he is the WORST person to travel with.  His need to make at least one potty stop an hour if not more is enough to make anyone want to tear their hair out.)

Some information on the rocket for you:
Saturn Rocket Info

This thing was huge.  Can you find Mabry in this photo?

By the Saturn Rocket at Alabama Welcome Center 10.10.10

I quickly stitched together about 7 different photos to show you the entire rocket.  I know I could have done a much better job putting them together, but today is my lazy-recoup-from-traveling-day and really it was just something to give you a better idea:

Saturn Rocket

How about a close up of the girlie??

Feeling like Fall 10.10.10

In unrelated news, I think it is supposed to rain and storm here in the coming days.  I can't tell you how excited this makes me.  Come back tomorrow when I show you all kinds of photos from fall ball in Nashville.

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