27 October 2010

the winter 2010 weight loss competition


I've mentioned on here before that I could probably stand to get rid of a little bit of weight.

It seems that since we moved last year I have slowly but surely been adding about 12 pounds to my middle.  I am not a tall person, so the weight gain shows.  Especially now that fall is here and I can't hardly button my pants.

I refuse to go out and buy new jeans and pants.  Not when I know that with a little self control and some dedication I can take those 12 pounds off.

Dan could also stand to lose a little bit.  He and I were talking about it and decided to turn it into a competition.  We want to see who can lose the biggest percentage of body fat by January 1st.  To determine this we had to measure our necks, waist, and in my case hips and then enter it into an Army standard calculator that Dan found online.

We have decided that the winner of the competition is going to be able to get something that they have been wanting.  We have until the end of the week to decide.  Dan is thinking something for his truck.  Like Rhino lining or a new radio or headlights or something else along those lines.  For me, well I have no idea what I want.  I keep racking my brains but honestly the thing I want more than anything is to just get rid of the weight.

I'm crossing my fingers that I can exercise some sort of self control when around chocolate passes by.  Or Christmas cookies.  Or mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving.  Ugh.

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  1. Good luck Jess! Maybe you can get a new lens, spend some money on marketing your business? Or maybe a piece of jewelry. Or some new clothes since you're going to beat your original goal of 12 pounds!


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