31 January 2011

in which i am utterly exhausted (and also throwing a party)

Internets, this was a long weekend and I am totally exhausted.  Plus I looked at the calendar tonight and realized that January is over with.  Somehow I lost an entire week.  Just knowing all that I have to do in the next five days to make up for my absentmindedness...let's just say it is going to be a lot of late nights for me!

Anyhow, I'm giving myself tonight to sort of reboot and maybe even head to bed early.  So instead of a big long post, all you are going to get is this teaser...

Mabes 1

Mabes 2

Hope all of you had a wonderful and productive weekend as well!

Ps.  I am hosting a catalog Pampered Chef show in an effort to try and earn myself the coveted Covered Baker.  Anyone who might be interested in placing an order (please, oh please?) can do so by clicking this link and putting my name (Jessica Oakes) in as the host.  We won't be closing the show until the 15th of this month in case you were wondering.  Also, they have a great special going on for those placing an order in the month of February.  (We use our small batter bowl all the time.  It is perfect for making pancake mix ahead of time and then placing the lid on it and sticking it in the fridge.)  Thank you in advance!

27 January 2011

in which i go red, white and pink wild


I got our electric bill for this month and I almost passed out in my driveway.  These snow storms and below freezing temperatures really need to come to a halt, like yesterday.  My poor heating system has apparently been working double time.

So the thermostat has been lowered, more blankets have been added to beds, layers have been added to our bodies and slippers to our feet.  For our minds, we go on mental vacations such as this and wait for springtime to appear.  

In the meantime I have decided to cave in and do some Valentine's crafts in an effort to fulfill a deep crafting void that has been a part of my life since the holidays ended.

Have a Heart:  This is just too easy, cute and fun not to make.  I bought two books from the Dollar Tree and a piece of glitter paper from Michaels and red thread for mine.


I found a bunch of free printables that I sent Target to be printed.  I was a little disappointed in the color quality, but you never know until you try.  (Print pictured in left photo.)


I bought this wooden frame and scrapbook paper from Michaels for $1.19 total.  A little paint, some old Scrabble tiles and some Modge Podge later and this is what I came up with:


I took a piece of scrapbook paper that had different mini pictures printed on it and cut it up and laminated each picture.  Some of them I hung up on the mirror:


Others ended up taped to dowels and placed around the house.  I also found an excuse to reuse the tissue paper flowers from Mabry's birthday party and buy a clearance frame from Target I have had my eye on:

Valentines 2

Looking for more Valentine's Decor inspiration?

Felt Heart Barrettes: Because let's face it, every little (and big) girl needs some extra love for their hair.

Kiss In Your Pocket: Seriously, loving this idea.  I just need to get my act together to put it together.

Paper Heart Garland: Originally I was going to do this lace garland, but figure it will be a lot easier (and cheaper) to use construction paper we already have.  This is a project Mabry and I will tackle next week sometime.

Valentine Pins:  I want to make these and then hand them out to random people on February 14th.

Homemade Valentines:  These would take some time, but seriously my heart just melts at how great these are.  Maybe next year Mabry and I will come up with something like this to send our loved ones.

Yarn Love:  Um, wouldn't this go great with a Valentine's Day themed mantel or table?  Why yes, yes it would.  I wish we had a mantel that didn't have to hold our TV, DVD player and cable box.  It makes decorating much harder.

I also wanted to link up to a great DIY site I just found called One Pretty Thing.  Loving all the inspiration from it!

26 January 2011

in which i have a potty mouth

Mabry is sick.  She has all but totally stopped going to the potty.  I am almost 100% that the culprit is from constipation and a possible hemorrhoid (sorry for airing your problems, Future-Able-To-Read-Mabry, Mama just likes to keep it real).  Aside from being terrified to go to the bathroom, the biggest problem is the doctor is a total airhead and seems to want to waste time trying to just wait the problem out.

Needless to say at least part of my Wednesday is going to be searching for a second opinion from someone who wants to be proactive in the welfare of my kid.

It is safe to say the majority of today was spent trying to urge Mabry to go potty (which she finally did) in between consoling her as she cried and cried.  

I guess what I am saying is, don't expect much in terms of a blog post from me right now.  

Actually, seeing as it is already after midnight and I am on single parent duty for the next few days (therefore really needing to get rest in when I can) I think I am just going to wrap it up now.  

Hopefully I will have some time in the morning to publish something more interesting and with photos.  I still have to show you all the changes my living room has underwent in the last couple of months...

25 January 2011

innocent wonder

Innocent Wonder

Let's just say we have a thing for building forts and using our imagination around here.

To see more great Innocent Wonder entries, be sure to check out iheartfaces by clicking on this button right here:

24 January 2011

i love lucille

Confession time.  I had an ulterior motive when I posted my link love last week.  We were getting ready to go out of town and so I had typed up and set all of my posts for publication at the beginning of the week.

In short, there was a lot going on and I was a little tight on time.

This meant that I didn't have time to take the pictures I wanted to in order to properly introduce you to my most favorite piece of furniture ever.  Instead I linked up to a bunch of posts I had been saving over the past year for the day when I had a card catalog of my very own.

We are back now and so without further ado Internets, I would like for you to meet Lucille...


Isn't she beautiful?  She makes my book loving, organizational, type-A, library-loving heart skip a beat every time I see her.

I have been on the hunt for a card catalog for a couple of years now.  The problem is that they are hard to come by.  Thanks the digital age, most libraries have computers instead of card catalogs.  When I have found them, it has always been online and they cost hundred and hundreds of dollars and that doesn't include the hundreds more in shipping costs.  Let me tell you, these things aren't light.  It took four adults to get Lucille in the house and that was after we had pulled out all of her drawers to lighten the load.


Side note: In case you are wondering, I name almost everything that I really big-fat-puffy-heart-love Lucille or Lucy.  I'm a huge Lucille Ball fan and just love the name.  Unfortunately Dan has vetoed it as ever being a potential name for a future child.  So instead we have had a dog, a car and now a card catalog all named Lucy/Lucille.  I figure if I use it enough maybe he will grow to love it.

I found Lucille at an antique store about an hour from my house two weekends ago.  This place bought all of the card catalogs that the University of North Carolina was selling when they went digital.  There were only a few left in the store.  Most of them had already been purchased and the majority of what was left were smaller, as the owner had taken card catalogs apart and created smaller pieces of furniture (think coffee tables, etc.).  Other remaining catalogs were missing several drawers and not in good shape.  When I rounded the corner and saw this piece sitting there...well it was love at first sight.


Dan's cousin was with me and we debated about if it was worth what the guy was asking (YES!) and if we thought we could talk him down (it never hurts to ask!).  So I approached the guy and made an offer, I thought for sure he was going to stand pretty firm on his asking price.  Instead we managed to work it out and met in the middle.  A quick call to Dan and a swipe of the debit card later and Lucille was all mine.

She has three little writing desks(?) that pull out.  Perfect for Mabry.


There is one drawer that is slightly busted up and needs to either be repaired or replaced.  I also need to figure out how to get some of the metal rods that the cards originally sat on to stay in place.  Other than that she is pretty much in mint condition.  Dan wants me to stain her a darker color to go with the rest of the furniture in the living/dining rooms.  That will make for a good summer/deployment project assuming I can figure out a way to haul all 300 pounds of Lucille out to the garage for a good sanding.

For the labels, I printed out different words/numbers that have special meaning to Dan and I.  All of our siblings and parents are accounted for and Mabry and Sheebus (of course!) have their own drawers.  Nicole and Gloria each have a drawer since they are the reason Dan and I met and Mabry has her name respectively.  We also included old Army units Dan has served with and old addresses, etc.  In a way it is the story of the big things in our lives over the last seven years broken down into 60 words.

Card Labels

The big question I get now (from Dan mostly) is what in the world am I going to put in all of those drawers.  So far I have found Lucy useful for storing my table runners:


Organizing all of our K-cups by flavor:


And being a good subject for one of my 52 projects (this week's theme for the MCP 52 project was Soothing Repetition):

Soothing Repetition

Seriously, don't you just love her??

21 January 2011

linking up for some nerd love

I am a big huge nerd.  I know this because one of my biggest secret desires is to own my very own card catalog.  I have had a thing for card catalogs and apothecary tables for as long as I can remember.  Something about all the little drawers (obviously) has such an appeal.  If I had my choice I would pick a card catalog.  Just looking at them takes me back to the days of elementary school and learning the Dewey Decimal system and navigating the shelves of books to find just the right one or five to bring home.  Oh how I love books!

Now that most library systems have gone digital card catalogs are a thing of the past, making it quite a challenge to find.  Of course this doesn't stop me from looking around online and collecting a little archive of inspiration for the future...

Photo Courtesy of Hooked on Needles

11 Uses For Repurposed Card Catalogs:  Using it as a storage/organization unit for crafting would be fantastic.  I have a confession, when I first saw the image I thought it was a bunch of different rainbow colored candies and I just about had a heart attack clicking it.  What can I say, I have somewhat of a sweet tooth.  Or maybe a mouth full of them.

10 More Ways to Re-Use a Card Catalog:  I don't know how I feel about using it to store your shoes.

When looking around for different things you can do with a card catalog I found these two photos to be very inspiring:

 Photo Courtesy of Poetic Home
(The old typewriter and the vintage camera---be still my heart!)

Photo Courtesy of Poetic Home
(I would have never thought to pull out some of the drawers to store small books.  Of course there is no way that this could ever be put in a main walkway.  It would be like Tina Fey in Date Night all the time.)

Photo Courtesy of Hot Hot Heatons

Ode to My Card Catalog:  This is a woman after my own super organized freak heart.  I love that she found a way to use every single drawer and even baby proof the drawers.  

So what about you, have you ever wanted to own a card catalog?  Is there another piece of hard to find furniture that you have coveted?  If you had a card catalog (or apothecary table) what would you store in it?

20 January 2011

retro glasses t-shirt

The original idea and tutorial came from this Vintage Cateye Glasses Onesie tutorial I found, which is actually the inspiration for what snowballed into all the other projects from this weekend.

I found the glasses I wanted to use here.  There are actually several different retro style glasses to pick from on this site.

It took me several tries of printing out the glasses before I got it to the right sizes for each of the shirts we made.  Originally I thought I would print directly onto the freezer paper but it just kept messing up the printer.  Luckily the freezer paper is thin enough that it is easy to trace onto.

Glasses Step 1

I took an exacto knife and cut out the glasses and then ironed the freezer paper onto the shirt.  To place the "lens" portions in the right spot I just laid down the part I had cut out back onto the shirt as a guide.  I hope that makes sense.

Instead of using shiny black material (as is suggested in the original tutorial), I just used a stencil brush and black fabric paint since I already have that on hand for a project I am doing for my sister's wedding.

Glasses Step 2

I really wanted to use black rhinestones for the chain but couldn't find them anywhere.  So instead I used the handle of a paint brush to make the circles.

Glasses Step 3

These shirts are so adorable I may not have been able to stop myself with just ones for Mabry and a friend's baby.  I may or may not have made an adult version for myself, but I'll never tell.

19 January 2011

valentine's t-shirt

We don't usually make too big of a deal about Valentine's Day around here.  However, since I was a crazed t-shirt making machine this weekend, I couldn't pass up this little project.

I found the inspiration and how to on how to make these shirts from the Artful Parent.  Rather than repeat the steps, I am just going to share some photos of Mabry and I working and a couple of lessons we learned along the way.

Lesson #1: Finding heart doilies is rather hard.  However, the Dollar Tree sells them in packs of 30 for $1 and they have several different sizes.  I bought the small and the medium sizes for the shirts we were making.  (We also made some onesies to give friends.)

Turban Girlie

Lesson #2: It is never a good idea to do a painting project after you have already done baths.  While the mess was kept to a minimum, Mabry's hands needed a good scrubbing and we also forgot about her hair being wrapped up.  By the time we took the towel off her head it was a dried rat's nest.

Heart Don'ts

Lessons #3, 4 and 5: Make sure you paint a thick enough coat onto the doily before pressing it onto the t-shirt.  Make sure you try and keep your brush strokes going in the same direction.  Rub the doily in thoroughly.

Hearts Finished

I went ahead and heat set all the shirts the day after they dried, even though the fabric paint I used didn't specify the need to.

One last photo of my little Valentine in her shirt (the wild hair is an added bonus):

My Valentine

18 January 2011

Love & Respect Book Review

First of all, let me start out by saying that I love, love, love this book.  I think it should be a must read for any couple whether they are  newly married or have been together for 50+ years (or anywhere in between).  You don't have to be struggling in your marriage to appreciate this book either.  Someone once told me that if you have the opportunity to learn and cultivate ways to strengthen your marriage you should take it no matter what.

The basic premise of the book is based around Ephesians 5:33 which says, "Each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband" (NIV).

Dr. Eggerichs believes that marriages get caught up in a vicious cycle where the wife doesn't show her husband respect, so in return he does not show her love, causing her to continue to not show him respect, and round and round.  Like I said, a vicious cycle that Eggerichs helps to break.

Eggerichs proposes several different ways and ideas to open up the lines of communication between you and your partner.  He also points out very clearly that love and respect go hand in hand.  If you want love, but can't show your partner respect it is hard for them to give that love to you freely and vice versa.

If you purchase this book (and I hope you do!) be ready to be honest with yourself and to be able to admit that you aren't perfect and that you also have a hand in the cycle.  Going into it with open eyes and an open mind/heart will give you an even greater benefit.

*I was given this book by Thomas Nelson Publishing for review.  Though, to be fair I had already borrowed a copy and read this last summer myself.  

diy monogram button t-shirt

Before we go any further, I would just like to apologize for the AWFUL photos.  These were all taken at night and I am trying to learn how to shoot in manual, which is a work in progress.

Moving on, I thought today I would show you how I made Mabry her own monogram button shirt.

It all started when I took a trip to Walmart and picked up a package of 5 white little boy t-shirts for $5.  I figured that the t-shirts would come in handy for some projects I had been wanting to do and really $1 a shirt, you can't beat that.  (I will say that the shirts run small and I had to buy Mabry the next size up.  So if you go out look for them make sure you have your child with you to try them on.)

On Friday night I was looking around at different fonts and came across one that looked like buttons forming each letter.


Since I can't ever just sit and do nothing, while Dan and I watched a few episodes of the Office on Netflix, I put this together.

How to Make a Monogrammed Button Shirt in 7 Simple Steps:

1.  I picked out a simple font to use as a guide and then sized and printed out two copies.
2.  Going through my stash of buttons I took one of the sheets of paper and lined up the buttons the way I wanted them to end up on the shirt.
Button Shirt Step 1

3.  I took the second paper that I had printed out and cut it out and pinned it onto the front of the shirt where I wanted it to go.
4.  Carefully I took each button from the original paper and sewed it one at a time onto the shirt.  I used the "M" I had pinned to the shirt as a guide and sewed the buttons directly through the paper and shirt.
Button Shirt Step 2

5.  Once I was all done I carefully tore the paper away from the shirt.  This didn't take long, I was just careful not to pull the threads and rip off a button.  (Not pictured)
6.  Then I turned the shirt inside out and looked at what an awful job the sewing looked like on the other side.
7.  So I pulled out a piece of white felt and cut it down and using a zigzag stitch on my sewing machine sewed it into place on the inside of the shirt.  This way it covered up my awful sewing and it would feel better against Mabry's skin.
Button Shirt Almost End

These last two photos are of the shirt without the felt sewn on and then what it looks like completely finished.
Button Shirt End

Not a bad evenings worth of work.  Seriously the whole project took maybe an hour/hour and a half including set up and clean up.

The rest of this week I am going to show you a few more inexpensive and fun projects Mabry and I did this weekend with the remaining t-shirts.

17 January 2011

winter wonderland

Winter Wonderland

This week's iheartfaces photo challenge is Winter Wonderland, which was perfect since last week it snowed.  Mabry was so excited she could barely contain herself to get on snow boots and snow pants before rushing out the door.  I let her enjoy the snow for a few seconds before insisting she put on a jacket.  She kept telling us all day that the snow was part of "Christmas magic."  You can't help but love that childhood innocence.

To see more great entries, check out iheartfaces.

14 January 2011

in which i ask, did i really just make a post up about nothing?

So fresh and so clean

I'm going to be honest, the above photo has absolutely nothing to do with today's post.  I just don't have any pictures to share and hate it when a post is sans photographs.

Anyhow, next week I am hoping to show off our living room.  I have been working on giving it a face lift for several months now.  It has been a slow and somewhat painful process, but I think it is safe to say that we are all beginning to really feel like we are at home here.  Dan even declared the living room his favorite place in the house.

In an effort to combat the stir crazy feeling that was threatening to take over every fiber of my being this week I made a trip in to Target.  The plan was to just walk around and I did pretty well.  Most of the time it is hard to escape that store without spending at least $30.  This time the only thing I found was a clearance Thomas O'Brien shower curtain.  It was the perfect feminine touch/cottage piece of was looking for in Mabry's bathroom.  Of course it took every bit of strength not to purchase all of the pink toile Waverly clearance shower curtain and bath towels instead.  I don't think Dan would have been pleased.  Not to mention it would have been a lot more than $14.

Over Christmas I won a trivia challenge that Layla did.  When the mail came yesterday there was a package waiting for me.  Inside were all kinds of fun goodies.  One of which was a burlap coffee bag.  I can't tell you how excited I am about this.  Now the problem is deciding on the perfect project to use this on.  I'm open to suggestions.

I know that this is sort of a crazy mash up of random stuff today.  I blame the late nights and early mornings (thanks Mabry) that have resulted in total exhaustion.  My days are spent in an almost slap happy haze.  Hopefully this weekend I can find some time for a nap.

One last thing, did anyone watch Off the Map on Wednesday?  I have to admit, I'm kind of let down.  On the other hand, I had all but written off Survivor until I saw that they are bringing Boston Rob and Russell back and now I am totally on board again.  Well played, Probst, well played.

13 January 2011

in which we vow not to kill her...this year

If you happen to follow me on Facebook you probably saw a video my sister-in-law tagged Dan and I in on New Year's Eve.  In the video we were asked what our resolutions were.  Collectively we came up with, try not to kill Mabry this year.

This past summer while visiting my Granny for a family reunion/90th birthday celebration I may or may not have been engaged in a game of corn hole and lost track of my kid.  During said time she may have decided to try her hand at fishing only to fall into the pond.  Thankfully my cousin, Matt, was there and "saved her."  (By the way Amanda if you are reading this, when we got your Christmas card this year Mabry saw it and yelled, "MY HERO MATT!" She then insisted on keeping the card in her room where she could see it.)

That was my big parenting fail for the year.

IMG_0025 copy

Dan saved his up until the last possible minute.

Before our trip to Pennsylvania we had been hyping up snow tubing to Mabry.  By the time we actually crossed the state line all three of us were pretty excited.  The place we went to has some small ski slopes and makes their own snow.  The only problem is the snow turns to ice when during the day when the sun is out creating a nice thick sheet of ice for you to stumble around on.  Also, at the bottom of the tubing hill to slow you down they have straw.  Lots and lots of straw.  Nothing says a good time like shards of straw coming at your face at 50MPH.

IMG_0040 copy

Anyhow, to get to the top of the hill your tube is attached to a wire that acts as a lift and tows you to the top.  The workers there insisted that Mabry have her own tube.  She was overjoyed (NOT):

IMG_0029 copy

Instead of having her towed by the wire, they did suggest that Dan hold on to the nylon rope attached to her tube as he was towed up.  Just to give us a little more control over her.

This was a great plan in theory.

So away we went:  Dan, pulling Mabry, then my friend Nicole, followed by her 6-year-old niece, me and then Nicole's husband Paul. (Our friend, Dana, met up with us a little later.)

IMG_0033 copy

At the top of the hill is a large hole that they have dug out.  This way you sort of slam into the hole and bounce out of your tube, giving you just enough time to scramble out of the way before the next person crests.

After Dan fell in the hole he only had a second before Mabry was on her way.  He was afraid that the drop would cause her to fall out onto her head, so he reached up to catch her.  Only instead of catching her he let go of the line.  He said there was a second there where she teetered on the edge and then BOOM she was sliding/screaming/crying back down the mountain.

I heard Dan scream, "JESS YOU HAVE TO CATCH HER!"  Followed by Mabry's screaming.

Nicole and I both jumped up.  Thankfully the workers immediately shut down the tow line and Nicole had enough sense to grab the wire and jerk it up as high as she could.  Mabry was headed right towards it and quite frankly this could have been a lot worse had it clipped her or if she would have managed to go over the side of the mountain/hill and down into the trees.

I had about two seconds (which felt like a lifetime) to brace myself on the icy slope and hope that I could stop her.  I remember asking God to let the impact break my legs and not her neck and that if I couldn't stop her to let me be able to fall on top of her to act as a shield.  It is amazing how fast your mind can think in mere seconds.

Thankfully I stopped her and nothing was broken.

Dan felt horrible and we all kept reminding him it was just an accident.  (Side note: Mabry now likes to walk around reminding us that, "Accidents happen.  It's all ok.")

IMG_0039 copy

Mabry didn't want to tube after that.  So she spent her time playing in the snow/ice/hay at the bottom of the mountain.  Each of the adults took turns staying at the bottom with her and Nicole's niece, who decided she would rather play with Mabry than tube.

IMG_0034 copy

Notice the long flowing locks of hay on the one snowman?

So here is hoping 2011 is a little less thrilling when it comes to Mabry.

12 January 2011

tales from the crypt

Anyone who has spent any time around Mabry knows that she is pretty easy to put to bed.  Usually our routine involves PJs, brushing teeth, going potty, a bedtime story, a devotional, prayer and then lights out.  No fuss, no fight.

Except for the last week.

Mabry goes to bed anytime between 7:30 and 8:00 depending on when and if she took a nap that day.  Lately you can walk past her room at 9:30-10:00 and she is still wide awake.  Most of the time she is laying at the end of her bed and calling out for me or Dan.  Her excuses for staying up range from a "scary shadow" to her need for a "tattoo right now on her finger."  Basically anything she can think of on the quick when we walk into the room wanting to know why she is still up.

So last night after arguing with her for what felt like the millionth time I decided to switch gears.  I walked into her room and told her to go ahead and get up if she wasn't tired.  

Dan was busy playing a video game and I was finishing up putting together our master closet (which I had cleaned out throughout the day).  Anytime Mabry would ask to read us a story we would let her know that this was our quiet time and while she was more than welcome to stay up but that we didn't want to talk or play.  

She seemed OK with this and crawled onto my bed with a couple of books and waited for me to finish taking my shower and get ready for bed.  I thought for sure once she saw me crawl into bed and turn off the lights (making it hard for her to read) and put on a talk show that she would get bored and go into her own room.  

Instead the legion of Conan fans grew by one.  

Just like that Conan got another fan

A few minutes later Dan came to bed and we turned off the TV to her horror because "that guy is really silly, Mama!"

Mabry said she still wasn't tired.  So she happily kissed us goodnight and told us she hoped the bed bugs wouldn't bite and reminded us if we got scared we could always come in her room and get her (all the things we tell her nightly).  Then she walked down the hall to "go read for a little while."

Honestly, someone ought to inform her she is only 3-years-old.

Dan and I tried to pretend to sleep.  But it was hard when she was busy jumping on the bed:

No more jumping on the bed

Or reading bedtime stories at the top of her lungs:

Bedtime Story

So in an act of pure desperation I decided to make her run laps in the hallway.

Too bad what finally ended up working around 12:30am was Dan laying in her bed and rubbing her back until she fell asleep.

I'm afraid that Dan and I are fighting a battle with a very cunning opponent.

11 January 2011

forever young

I am posting all of my 365 photos onto the ShutterCal website (which you can access anytime by clicking the "365" link at the top of the page) but I also plan on posting any I submit for challenges on here.

This week for the MCP 52 week project the suggestion was to illustrate a song.  I immediately thought about how I am constantly telling people who ask that Mabry is 3-years-old but thinks that she is going on 45.  Which is perfectly paired with the song Forever Young by Rod Stewart.  The challenge was coming up with a way to illustrate it because making a cake was out.

We aren't huge cake eaters.  A piece for birthdays once in awhile is fine (unless it is an ice cream cake and then the three of us will pretty much fight to the death over as much as we can get), but a whole cake would be a waste.  Then I thought about doing cupcakes, but even those are hard to get eaten before they go stale. It didn't help that the weather went haywire this week cancelling Dan's work for the last couple of days.  So the plan to have him take a bunch of cupcakes to work was out the door.

So instead we went with a pan of brownies.  I am not sure if Mabry is smiling in the photo because she is excited to blow out the candles (the poor thing now thinks it is her birthday) or because she helped make the brownies and knew she was going to get a piece just as soon as I was done with the photos.

Forever Young

Dan and I have been busy for the last day and a half cleaning the house, making repairs that we have been putting off for months and doing a little spring cleaning.  I am sure that Dan isn't nearly as excited as I am about most of this, but that is the beauty of not being able to go out and drive on the roads.  He is my captive and I am taking full advantage.

More fun in the snow photos to come...

10 January 2011

iheartfaces challenge: smile


We woke up this morning to a blanket of soft white snow covering the ground.  Not your usual weather for North Carolina.  Mabry was thrilled and declared it a bit of "Christmas magic."  Her and Dan spent much of this morning playing outside.  This photo was perfect for this week's iheartfaces Smile challenge.  (By the way Happy 2nd Birthday iheartfaces!  I heart your site!!)

To see more great photos entered into this week's challenge be sure to click this link:

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